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First off, I will state for the record that I will forever love . I started off reading Carrie and Christine when I was in the 4th grade (I kept my teacher from completely freaking out by also starting and finishing Little Women in a month), graduated to IT and The Stand by the 6th grade, and waited on pins and needles for each volume of his epic, life-influencing Dark Tower series to be released. So to say I'm PRETTY EXCITED for the upcoming, 13-part Under the Dome miniseries would be an understatement.

CBS has finally released the official first look at the sweeping miniseries, and it's a cool thing to see how excited King gets about the project and the balance they tried to strike between practical and digital effects:

Under the Dome, based on King's 2010 novel of the same name, follows the residents of Chester's Mill after a mysterious, clear dome suddenly appears over their town, trapping the 2,000 residents inside. Well, the 2,000 residents who you can imagine, a gigantic dome suddenly appearing without warning might cause a few deaths. The story is a mix of horror and sci-fi and focuses on human behavior and how society breaks down when cut off from all contact with the outside world. Some residents rise to the occasion and others, well, let's just say others use it as an excuse to let their inner evil out to play.

I've long argued that King's much-maligned previous adaptations weren't entirely his fault. The books were bestsellers, but what makes King such a remarkable writer are the subtle nuances and his attention to human nature that up the creepy factor of his stories. Likewise, to do them right, they require a big budget that studios weren't ready to spend on a "horror" story a few decades ago. But now, with the growing technology of special effects, more and more talented directors wanting to attach themselves to epic projects, and studios being more willing to back a novel adaptation if it comes packaged with an iconic name like Stephen King, his books might finally, FINALLY start getting the adaptations they deserve. It's certainly a good start that the helmer of Under the Dome is none other than of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo fame.

The miniseries will star Chad Vogel, , and , but, it is a Stephen King novel, so expect many more characters to be introduced by the time the 13-week miniseries wraps. The first part premieres on June 24th and after the entire miniseries airs, it will be available via Amazon Prime.



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