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Marvel will bring the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy together in May 2018, but there's one Wakandan superhero making his big-screen debut before Thanos comes to bring the pain. Black Panther hits theaters February 2018 and thanks to some new on-set snapshots we now have our first look at the film.

(Check out the image below.)

There's not much to take away from the still image, other than the scene is part of a larger sequence involving, yet again, Black Panther on top of a moving car. Clearly T'Challa is fond of leaping over cars after his Civil War skirmish with Cap and Bucky.

The car chase scene was filmed in Busan, South Korea and according to THR, it involved around 150 cars and more than 700 people on set.

The setting of South Korea will most likely serve as a metropolitan city in Wakanda, but if such is the case and Black Panther is not just enjoying his newfound hobby of "carpooling", then who could the King of Wakanda be chasing after?

Black Panther's Car Chase: Who's He Chasing?

From the set images above, it seems the blue sports car is been driven by a masked individual. It's possible that the person in the car is a stuntman who will be digitally removed in post-production and replaced with one of our villains from the movie, like Michael B. Jordan's Eric Killmonger.

This is just speculation, but with T'Challa in full Black Panther costume in the middle of a Wakandan city, it's possible the car is actually his and was stolen from his home. Whereafter he would have suit up and chased after his property.

Or he could just be jumping over speeding cars to get to his desired vehicle: the SUV we see in front of the blue sports car, where the actual villain could possibly be in.

It's no question the car chase will be a fabulous sequence in Black Panther and the movie will definitely be one of Marvel Studios' most thrilling films yet.

Catch Black Panther in theaters everywhere February 16, 2018.

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