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(WARNING: The following contains mild potential plot SPOILERS for the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok, albeit largely limited the the nature of a certain planet within the film. Proceed with whatever level of caution the all-seeing Heimdall suggests is wise, all the same.)

Now, with all the big -themed reveals that have made their way into the world over the past 24 hours, you might imagine that our cup of Ragnarok-related news hath already runneth over. And, thankfully, you would be gloriously mistaken.

Y'see, after years of waiting to see exactly how the fan-favorite story-line would find its way into the :

We Finally Know How 'Thor: Ragnarok' Will Adapt Marvel's 'Planet Hulk'

'Thor: The Dark World' [Credit: Marvel Studios]
'Thor: The Dark World' [Credit: Marvel Studios]

Or, at least, we have our best idea yet, straight from the mouth of a man who really should know — himself, . And, from the sounds of his comments during a recent interview with EW:

"[Sakaar is] basically where every wormhole across the universe dumps out its trash, so you get people from all walks of life with all sorts of incredible abilities and powers... No one cares what prince or king Thor may have been in another world. Also, his strength is pretty easily matched with those he finds himself amongst."

In other words? It seems that the 's take on Sakaar will be a little different to the comic book version (in that wormholes are apparently involved) but will otherwise be distinctly recognizable as the murderously gladiatorial setting from the Planet Hulk we know and love so well. Only this time, with more Thor.

Which is nice.

What do you think though? Which classic comic-book elements of Sakaar are you hoping to see on the big screen? Let us know below!

(Sources: EW)


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