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David Latona

Perhaps you'll remember the article we posted a while ago, about how director had dropped out of helming the upcoming biopic American Sniper. Well, after a few weeks of uncertainty, we finally know who'll be in charge of the movie...

... none other than !

The 83-year-old veteran filmmaker has been confirmed to have landed the gig of translating Chris Kyle's memoir to the big screen. According to Twitch, he's probably also jumping on board as a producer, after Spielberg's DreamWorks bailed out earlier this month. The multiple Academy Award-winner (twice each as Best Director and for Best Picture, plus numerous nominations) owns his own production company, Malpaso, which has produced all save four of his American films.

American Sniper, starring in the titular role as decorated US Navy Seal and record-setting career sniper Chris Kyle, doesn't as of yet have a set premiere date. We'll keep you informed on Moviepilot with more updates on Eastwood's latest directing stint.


Note on the poll: we can unfortunately only offer four answers on our polls. But if you feel like Eastwood's best movie was left out (maybe Gran Torino or A Perfect World?), remember to tell us in the comments!


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