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As Dexter plunges into his eighth and final season, we're strangely sad that our favorite serial killer could end up caught or dead. Not only that, his most dangerous adversary -- his sister, Deb -- will probably decide his fate.

Showtime remains relatively upbeat and tongue-in-cheek about all of this. Sure, Ray Donovan will take his place after the finale and Masters of Sex premieres later this year, but who can truly replace Dexter in our hearts? Still, he's given us a good run. The blood spatter analyst by day, serial killer by night has had more than his fair share of close calls. No matter what happens, he should feel happy that his toughest competition rots in the Gulf Stream.

As such, we've skipped forward a bit to one possible Dexter outcome. That's right -- we got a hold of Dexter's Miami-Metro police report. The end of season eight could be reduced to this. Be sure to click on the police report for a larger image:

What's going to happen to our beloved serial killer in the season finale? We really don't know. It could be this, but we could also imagine the show coming to a close with Dexter simply adjusting to a 'normal' life and extinguishing his cravings altogether. It would certainly make sense to keep the protagonist alive. After all, there's a potential Dexter movie in the works. Then he can start back up right where he left off.

How do you want Dexter to end?


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