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It's official! Emilia Clarke is set to be the new face of Sarah Connor in the upcoming Terminator: Genesis. The film will see the actress, widely known for her role as Daenerys Targaryen in HBO's Game of Thrones, again working with , who directed the show. Their previous work experience together is likely why she was chosen over the other contender, , in what was a tight race for the role.

Emilia Clarke

The new Terminator Genisys could prove to be something big for . Speaking personally, though I'm sure I'm not alone in this, when I see her I just think of the platinum blonde dragon-raising princess in Game of thrones (I support the dragon!). Playing another main role in what will undoubtedly be a huge film, regardless of how it is eventually received critically, will help her to avoid being typecast and broaden out her appeal.

is currently in negotiations to play the role of John Connor, and will be back (ha) to play his signature role as the T800. This all sounds like good news, and the only way I can see it being better is if they somehow managed to get to relive his role:

Bill Paxton in Terminator

Given the new film will involve some time travel, one can always hope!

(Source: Deadline Via comicbook)

What do you think of the decision to cast Emilia Clarke over Brie Larson? Will she made a good Sarah Connor?


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