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Three weeks from now, and will be lost in the vastness of space in 's hugely-anticipated Gravity, reminding the world of just how terrifying the unknown reaches of the universe can be. 36 years before that, in 1977 - the same year Star Wars was launched, as a matter of fact, a little space probe known as Voyager I was sent out all by its lonesome into the cold reaches of space.

Yesterday, it reached the outer limit of our known solar system...and then kept going. No one expected it to last this long or make it this far, as nothing ever has before. But not only did the little voyager that could make it farther than anyone thought possible, it also sent us back a greeting of sorts: The sounds of interstellar space.

And they. are. terrifying.


That eerie shrieking sound you hear is the sound of an explosion on our sun after traveling 12 billion miles and reaching interstellar space.

Looks like all those sound effects guys have been right all along. Space really does sound that creepy.

Gravity is in theaters on October 4th.

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