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Spider-Man has joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but that doesn't mean Sony will abandon their ambitious plan to create a universe around the web-head's supporting characters. A project that's been in development for the better part of a decade has been a spin-off movie about Venom, one of Spidey's most dangerous foes. Fans have been clamoring for the character to be handled correctly ever since he was bungled in Spider-Man 3 — although I have to admit parts of the final fight were pretty great:

A few months ago, we got the official announcement that the Venom spin-off was moving ahead, with the script being written by Dante Harper. Unfortunately, after so much time without any more news, fans believed this would be no different than all the other times we were promised a movie about the villainous space goo. Well, that changed today.

During the red carpet for Inferno, Collider caught up with Chairman of Sony Picture's Entertainment's Motion Picture Group, Tom Rothman. Rothman was asked about where he was concerning the development on the mysterious Venom spin-off. Here's what he said:

"We're working on lots of that stuff, and there's a concerted effort now. I think there will be... real news as opposed to speculative news before too long."

This is a really important statement, as it means Sony is finally committed to the Venom movie. So, we know news are coming our way soon but...

What Should We Expect?

A Director...Possibly

Perhaps the most common aspect of an upcoming movie to get announced first is the director. And while that is really excited, if projects like Gambit have taught us anything, is that a director can leave the project at any given moment. With how tumultuous Venom's road to star in his very own movie has been, the announcement of a director, while a big step, could receive a cautiously optimistic welcome.

An Official Casting Announcement

Announcing a main actor for an upcoming movie without a director is not so common. It has happened, such as with Dwayne Johnson being confirmed as Black Adam five years before Shazam! comes out but, is not something we see every day. By announcing a lead actor for the project, Sony would start the talk about the movie around the internet, as well as give more credibility to the project.

An Official Release Date

This is the most likely prospect as it works in several ways. One of them is that the studio and filmmakers would be working to meet that date instead of taking their time and risking the movie being shelved once again. Another way in which a release date works is that Sony would show the fans that they know which direction they're going and that they're sure enough of it to know when they'll deliver. With a project as risky as Venom, which has a concept that hasn't been dealt with before in the superhero movie genre, giving fans security in that you know what you're doing is the best course of action.

Which Version Could We See?

Eddie Brock

This is the first host of the symbiote, Spidey's legendary bitter foe. The most interesting thing about Eddie Brock's version of Venom is that he is not always a villain. He's also dabbled in antiheroism. The character has extreme methods and an incredible charm, elements that, when merged and treated by the right writer and filmmaker, could make him one of the most compelling personalities in the superhero movie genre. It would undoubtedly boost the project as well, considering it doesn't have the MCU to back it up.

Mac Gargan

There was a time in the comics where former Scorpion, Mac Gargan, was possessed by the symbiote. But, out of all the hosts of the space goo, this is the most unlikely candidate. This version's existence relies too much on outside forces, like other superheroes from the Marvel Universe, which we know can't be included in the film. On top of that, the movie would have to tackle his past as the villainous Scorpion, which would unnecessarily complicate the plot.

Flash Thompson

Flash Thompson will appear in Spider-Man: Homecoming and will be played by Tony Revolori. Considering that this movie is set outside the Marvel Cinematic Universe, if this were the version they went with, he wouldn't be played by the same actor. However, with this being Venom's first movie, I'd prefer if they tackle his origin with Eddie Brock as an antihero first before going into the alien's heroics.

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There you have it, we should be on the lookout for Venom spin-off news. Hopefully, this version of the project won't be scrapped and we will finally get the movie about the gooey antihero we've always wanted. Venom is being produced by Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach and is being written by Dante Harper.


Which version of Venom would you want to see in the movie?


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