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Demand for a Groot spinoff film from is heating up. Even Groot himself, Vin Diesel is down for it.

The idea might sound ridiculous at first. After all, can a talking tree really carry a movie on his own?

Yes, I believe he can and that a Groot movie is an excellent idea. But it would be even stronger if it were done as an animated movie, included Rocket Raccoon, and was made by none other than .

That's right, a Pixar and animated feature film.

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Why A Groot Movie Shouldn't Be Made By Marvel Studios

Guardians of the Galaxy landed in theaters in 2014 and it took the world by storm. No one thought that a group of unknown Marvel were going to have such a massive impact.

It was indeed a surprise for Marvel Studios too and the film made the names Groot, Rocket Raccoon, Gamora, Drax and Star-Lord as famous as the members of the . The upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is scheduled to be released in May and it looks like Marvel Studios will have another hit on their hands.

If we assume then that Marvel will succeed with each of their movies then shouldn’t a Groot movie follow the same route? Not exactly.

A Groot movie is like making a Black Widow movie; it’s already too late. It wouldn’t make sense to have a Groot movie since Marvel already has a packed slate of films that reach up to 2020. It makes more sense to introduce a third Guardians movie instead.

Fortunately, unlike a Black Widow or Hawkeye movie, a Groot movie could work if Pixar takes over the project.

1. A Pixar Groot Movie Opens New Doors For Marvel And Disney

"Pixar" - [Credit: Pixar Animation Studios]
"Pixar" - [Credit: Pixar Animation Studios]

Marvel Studios is owned by , who in turn owns Pixar. With Pixar steering the project, not only would we get a fresh interpretation of Groot and Rocket, but essentially the movie will garner a whole new audience for the Guardians franchise.

Pixar's target audience is generally a younger demographic. From a business perspective this would be beneficial for Disney, mainly because of the toy market.

Sure, Marvel is already making toys from the current movies, but all Marvel films are rated PG-13. Having a Groot and Rocket movie made by Pixar eliminates that disadvantage and therefore increases profit.

Apart from the gritty business of merchandising, having the Pixar Groot/Rocket movie challenges the animation company creatively as well.

All of Pixar's movies are amazing original projects, so imagine what they could do with a property like Marvel. I would personally love to see what Pixar can do with both Groot and Rocket. Since their backstory in the MCU is vague, Pixar has the freedom to essentially make the characters their own.

2. They Could Use A Movie As Introduction Or Checkpoint For TV Shorts

The dynamic duo are coming to television this year. Having an animated movie by Pixar would perfectly introduce the shorts. Almost like Star Wars: The Clone Wars introduced the television series of the same name.

The show is already in production, but even creating a movie afterwards is definitely a plus. Establishing a movie creates a narrative checkpoint and TV shows that are part of a larger medium must reach that checkpoint in order to make sense as a cohesive narrative. A perfect example is the TV show and the recent .

Rebels can create their own original stories episode after episode, but the story as a whole has to lead to the events that transpired in Rogue One.

Another angle to consider is that Groot and Rocket were already adults in the first Guardians film. A Pixar movie could essentially tell their story from a point in time very far from the events of Guardians of the Galaxy.

3. Best Way To Tie All The Pixar Movies Together

Recently Pixar revealed that all their movies are connected. Each Pixar movie has easter eggs from the other movies and if Groot and Rocket Raccoon receive their own animated feature, then adding the Marvel mythos behind it has the ability to tie everything together quite nicely. Think Doctor Strange's multiverse.

Plus, it could also give us possible Wall-E or comics from Marvel, how sick would that be?

With brand new opportunities for the Marvel brand and a whole multiverse to explore, I think it's time that Pixar makes a Groot and Rocket Raccoon movie.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments!


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