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Jennifer Geacone-Cruz

Remember Goosebumps, the crazy-successful series of scary kid's books for youngsters by horror author extraordinaire R.L. Stine? If you were anywhere near the children's/Young Adult section of the bookstore between 1992 and, well... now, then it's been hard to miss this phenomenon that's brought horror, supernatural and even dark humor to the reading room under countless kids blankets lit by the glow of a single flashlight.

It's also a little surprising that with Hollywood really pushing for franchise shoo-ins with built-in fan-bases, that they've only taken this gravy train as far as an unsurpisingly hit television series. Well, the wait is over.

According to Deadline, director-writer Rob Letterman (Monsters Vs Aliens, Gulliver's Travels) is in talks with Sony Pictures and Scholastic Entertainment to head up the potential franchise goldmine.

Think about it. It's the perfect mix of proven success in print and TV, pre-existing fanbase, 164 books (to-date) to pull material from and most importantly, spooky yet kid-friendly material. What's not to like?

Will you be going to the theater for Goosebumps? Don't worry, I'm pretty sure you won't be alone.


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