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The path to get Dumb and Dumber To made has been a long and winding one, fraught with peril and setbacks and possibly dragons. I'm talking about an actual sequel with the Farrelly Brothers at the helm and and in the star roles, not the aborted cash-grab that was 2003's Dumb and Dumberer.

Alright, I made that dragon bit up, but it's certainly been an arduous, 20-year-long process, with the film getting dropped by New Line and Warner Bros. and being briefly courted by Red Granite Pictures last month before finally being picked up by Universal. Another challenge was that Carrey had been extremely reluctant to do a sequel, which has always been an unofficial rule he's stuck to throughout his career, paralleling a similar situation with refusing to star in a Ghostbusters.

But in a recent interview with , Dumb and Dumber costar Daniels offered optimism (tempered with a bit of caution) that the project was indeed moving forward and set to shoot in the fall:

It'll be the 20th anniversary of the first one next year when it's released. I've seen the script. It's hysterical. We're middle-aged. We're not pretending we aren't. We're middle-aged and we're still that stupid.

Carrey, who has recently been getting flak for slamming the very movie he's in for its violence, seems to be leaning toward doing more family-friendly fare in his middle age. Daniels touched upon this as the reason for Carrey's sudden change of heart in doing a sequel:

Jim has been against all sequels, and you know, understandably so. But he turned 50 and that will mellow you out, and suddenly he's going, 'Let's have some fun...Come on,' and we're going, 'Great,' and so the Farrellys said, 'This isn't a money grab. Let's really write a great second movie that takes the original and then blows it up even further,' and so I think they did that.

What do you think? Are you excited to see this sequel or has that ship sailed for you? Let me know in the comments.

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