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Alisha Grauso

Writer and producer just tweeted (where else would it have come from?) the first image from the set of the rebooted (sequel to?) Beverly Hills Cop, depicting leading man as Aaron and reprising his role as Axel Foley.

The series, airing on CBS, will also star , , and . The show is a continuation (though if this article is any indication, commenters will spend more time arguing the semantics of that than focusing on the actual content) of the three movies that appeared over a decade starting in 1984. The show will focus on Jackon's character, Aaron, taking on the criminal element of Beverly Hills and trying to get out of the long shadow cast by Murphy's Axel Foley, who will be a player in at least the pilot episode.

Here's my question. Did Eddie Murphy make a deal with the Devil or something, because, uh, he doesn't look like he's aging. At all (cues 'Twilight Zone' theme).



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