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Cast and crew of The Walking Dead had a talk with the weather channel to discuss whether the weather had any effect on production of the show. The answer was a resounding yes-a major one.

Filming for The Walking Dead takes place in Georgia, which is a sub-tropical climate known for its heat and humidity. , who played T-Dog, had this to say:

When that heat hit me, it was like 100 degrees but with the humidity it was like 115 or 120 degrees, so I almost passed out... and I vividly remember Laurie Holden, who plays Andrea on the show, we're just looking at each other like I'm about to die, are you about to die, I think I'm about to die, too

Not only does the heat tire out the actors, but the humidity—and the sweating it brings with it, constantly tampers with the walkers' makeup and prosthetics. This means that on set there are always medics on site to take care of people, and makeup artists rush out to touch up the cast in between takes.

Special measures often have to be taken to ensure everyone is safe. During the season 4 midseason finale, The Governor () was wearing a black leather jacket. The costume designers actually sewed in icepacks into it so he wouldn't overheat!

Keepin' cool between takes

But it's not only the heat. Some spots in Georgia get cold over the winter too:

In winter, we can layer the zombies properly and we have a Snuggie wrangler... He literally runs out and puts Snuggies on the zombies when it’s cold.

Zombies in Snuggies. Why even remove them? It would be hilarious to see a massive herd of snuggiezombies.

Every single day we’re affected by the weather... In Georgia, this season it has rained so much we had to cover the set on many days. They’ve had to rewrite scenes because of the weather.

Sounds like tough business over in Georgia. I hope for their sake the cast finds another bunker to hunker down in. But since they lost the prison, I'm guessing they will need to brave the elements for some time to more.

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