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For those of you that think remaking classic movies proves Hollywood is nothing but a creative vacuum then this next piece of news could well ruin your day. Deadline is reporting that Universal Pictures is remaking 's 80s cult-classic Weird Science. The remake is being produced by who was also on board to produce the original, with the script being penned by , whose writing credits include Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and the remake of 21 Jump Street.

The original movie was a teen sci-fi comedy and total nerd-gasm, which saw two nerdy guys ( and ) create the perfect woman using a Memotech MTX512 (old school!), a Barbie doll and some choice images from Playboy and Vogue. The result? A smoking-hot Kelly LeBrock. Weird Science also starred a scene-stealing and high-school bully and was released between two of Hughes's other classic movies, Breakfast Club and Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

This new and potentially-not-improved remake of Weird Science will "attempt to carve out its own identity by being redrawn as an edgier R-rated comedy in line with 21 Jump Street and The Hangover." I thought Bacall's 21 Jump Street remake was fairly decent and had some great comedic scenes, but I hated Project X with a passion for being boorish and, well, boring. I have no problem with comedies going edgier, sexier and more beery, but do we need to remake Weird Science to achieve that?

Now it's over to you guys. Let me know in the comment section below whether you think this remake is a good idea or not.



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