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SPOILERS, BABY. This article is chock-full of the little blighters. Hightail for the hills now if spoilers aren't your bag.

Holy moly! A whole heap of new characters are being added to The Walking Dead: Season 4 which will debut on AMC this October.

According to the awesomeness that is Spoiler TV, in Episode 7 ('Dead Weight'), two brothers in their thirties will be cast:

'Mack is an aggressive wiseass and Patrick is fair-minded. Mack is recurring and Patrick is a guest role.'

Guess nice guys really do finish last, eh Patrick? As much as we love the Dixon Brothers, another set of brothers sounds like a recipe for excitement.

This follows hot on the heels of news that Season 4, Episode 4 will introduce two new characters - survivors named Jack and Erin, both said to be in their twenties and described as easygoing and 'extremely thin'. Interesting combo. When I subject myself to a low cal diet, I'm ready to draw blood if someone so much as changes the TV channel without asking me...

TVLine reports that in terms of their personalities, 'Jack's a bit of a joker, while Erin walks through life with rose-colored glasses.'

Spoiler TV reports that we'll have a further two new recurring characters showing up – 'a single mother and former nurse named Laura and a tough and funny woman named Melody.'

And of course, The Wire alum will be playing another series regular, he'll play Bob Stookey, a former Army medic deeply haunted by his past.

We also have a list of the episode titles revealed thusfar:

Episode 1: The premiere, which has been penned by new showrunner , is called '30 Days Without an Accident' - so far, so ominous!

Episode 4: This will be titled 'Indifference' and will introduce at least two new characters, in Jack and Erin.

Episode 6: Spoiler TV reports this episode will be called 'Rise' and that it will introduce Laura and Melody. It'll also introduce viewers to a new guest role - Don is a 50-70 year old guy who's described as kind but sometimes grumpy and who has a granddaughter. Again according to Spoiler TV, actor has been cast.

Excited? Devastated? Literally couldn't give a monkey's? Drop me a comment all the same!


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