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We already knew that Disney was planning tie-ins, spinoffs, and comics with their new, rebooted take on Star Wars, even if the main draw so far has been ' Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens. But is Pixar joining the Star Wars universe?

Well, that's what Latino Review is saying. And you know what: No one really cares if this is real or not. It's just too exciting for it not to be. So far, that's really all the "news" there is. Now, let the speculation begin: Is Pixar going to create movies based on little-known characters in the universe? Will they focus on niche storylines or something much larger?

I'm personally hoping for Pixar to bless me with the Boba Fett movie I've been wanting virtually all my life. Granted, we'll probably have to wait a while if this happens. Pixar's slate is booked through 2018...

(via Latino Review)

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