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Remember that famous record-breaking selfie that Ellen DeGeneres snapped during the 2014 Oscars? The most-retweeted tweet ever?

Well, one man's quest for free chicken nuggets has made that selfie old news. Nevada man Carter Wilkerson tweeted to the fast-food restaurant Wendy's, asking how many tweets he would need to get for free chicken nuggets. A social media manager for Wendy's simply responded, "18 million," but had no idea what would happen next.

Wilkerson's tweet went viral and garnered 3.435 million retweets, whereas Ellen's only had 3.430 million. Oh boy, did he let her have it.

"[email protected] sorry about that," Wilkerson tweeted out to the famous star.

Of course, Ellen being Ellen, she took the opportunity to try and give her tweet a little boost. She even recruited to help her get a bump while he was on her show, saying, "We put our heart and our soul into that selfie. I had to hold my arms up like this for about 35 to 40 seconds. My biceps were shaking!"

It was all in good fun. Ellen DeGeneres even brought Carter on to her show to grill him on why he wanted to ruin her record:

Ellen even tried to bribe Wilkerson with a year's supply of underwear and a new TV just to get him to stop. But there is nothing in this world that would sway Carter away from his love for those tender chicken nuggets.

He Gets Them Nuggs

Even though Carter was confirmed by the Guinness World Records as having the most retweets in history, there were really no losers. With such a frenzy on Twitter, Wendy's decided to donate $100,000 to the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption.

Congratulations to Carter for achieving his dream of getting free chicken nuggets. With every bite of those tasty little nuggets, may he remember how he swiftly defeated the juggernaut of a selfie from Ellen DeGeneres. Now I wonder how many people will take note of this little Twitter trick to get some free food?


Think Ellen DeGeneres still has a chance to take back her record?

(Source: E! Online]


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