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Sophie Atkinson

Okay ladybros, let's play a game. You have to guess what the latest gross soap opera-y rumor about Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev is.

(a) Ian Somerhalder has a third nipple.

(b) Nina Dobrev left Ian for his evil identical twin.

(c) Ian never loved Nina. He just went out with her for years for good PR.

(d) Ian is so obsessed with Nina that he steals any objects she touches, including her cigarette butts, and has built a museum dedicated to Nina in Istanbul housing all these objects.

Okay, time's up. Did you guess (c)? Ding ding ding!!!!!!! That's the bell going off, signaling the correct answer. Extra dings if you got the literary reference in (d).

So, rumor has it that Ian's PR team decided that in order to raise his profile, he needed to step out with a hot co-star. Since him and Nina already got on well, she was a natural fit for the position of sexy famous girlfriend. Apaz, Ian did eventually fall for his little lady, but the relationship was never meant to last. Problem was, (following Hollywood's traditional gossip column themes of lovelorn, tragic females and caddish males) Nina really fell madly in love with him and now is completely heartbroken.

The longer I stay in the gossip game, the more it feels like all the showbiz hacks in Tinseltown just go out, quaff gallons of absinthe and compete with each other to boil up the most ludricrous rumors about much loved Hollywood couples.

Reallies, Hollywood? Would a grown man really devote years of his life to a woman who he was only dating for a PR stunt? And would any man alive be able to resist falling in love with such a complete fox as Nina Dobrev?

But what do you think? Let me know in the comments below.


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