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If you’ve been missing the distinct colors, intense symmetry, and constant tracking shots of a standard Wes Anderson film, fear not — The King of Quirk is back, bringing along Anderson-regular Adrien Brody for the ride, and it’s all in the name of fashion.

Teaming up with clothing giant H&M, Anderson presents his short film, Come Together, featuring some subtle brand promotion and lots of spirit. Just under four minutes, the video stars Brody as Conductor Ralph, the well-meaning train conductor of the H&M Lines Winter Express who must regretfully inform his passengers that they will be missing Christmas due to unexpected delays.

Rather than allow his passengers to sulk alone in their compartments, Ralph decides to bring them all together for a bit of Christmas cheer. It is simple, sweet, and very distinctly Wes Anderson. From the panning shot of the characters in their compartments to the use of title cards, it doesn’t take long to forget you’re watching a long commercial for H&M.

So throw on your best patterned Christmas sweater and check out the short film below:

This isn’t the first time Anderson has delved into the world of advertisements. He has previously directed ads for companies such as Japan-based SoftBank, in which he teamed up with Brad Pitt:


Stella Artois, for which he co-directed the piece with Roman Coppola:

And American Express, which featured another of Anderson’s usual suspects, Jason Schwartzman:


What do you think of Wes Anderson's H&M Collaboration?


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