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Mark Newton

Usually when I see short films promoted by a major company I shudder. I hate even 30 second commercials, so I expected an 8-minute short film presented by Prada would be nothing but a glorified promotional video designed to make me want to buy ridiculously overpriced sunglasses and handbags. Well, it turns out this old cynic was wrong.

Prada recently commissioned quirky director to direct a short film starring as an unfortunate rally driver. Named Castello Cavalcanti and set during the Molte Miglia rally in Italy in September 1955, the film features all of Anderson trademark movie-making signatures — and, surprisingly, very little overt advertising. Check it out below:


The film is due to premiere at the Rome Film Festival this weekend, which seems fitting considering its Italian setting.

The only problem? Someone obviously didn't mix the audio very well — although knowing Anderson, this might have even been deliberate.

What do you think of Castello Cavalcanti? Let us know below.


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