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Abi Toll

Director, is proving himself to be quite the unstoppable force at the moment.

Indiewire have reported that in the past two months alone:

His chronicles have been released, he's made a short film with for Prada, his film Fantastic Mr. Fox is getting a Criterion Collection release, SNL have done a parody of his films.

And if that's not enough, the release of his next film Grand Budapest Hotel is nigh.

Mind not already blown? Well how about this. American Laundromat Records will now release a two disk music compilation entitled I Saved Latin! next Spring; dedicated to the directors carefully curated soundtracks.

The album will include many of the most memorable songs selected by Anderson for his films including: Tomten doing a cover of Scott Walker's 30 Century Man from Life Aquatic and Trespassers William performing Nico's Fairest of the Seasons which was featured in Royal Tenenbaums.

Indiewire have revealed that the label will also release some seriously sweet memorabilia to accompany it, including:

A Team Zissou beanie, a Khaki Scouts badge from Moonrise Kingdom, a Max Fischer business card, a limited 7” and three t-shirts.

If you want to be one of the very first to own a copy, then hurry on over to the label’s website for pre-orders. What's more, the I Saved Latin! alphebatized track listing can be viewed right here, courtesy of Indiewire:

Does this news make you jolly well excited? We'd love to know your thoughts below.



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