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It's so difficult not to love a film. They are so utterly charming and sweet and eccentric...but yet it's so difficult to not find the director slightly- how shall we say- saccharine occasionally.

Dangerous Minds have posted this handwritten ode to the legendary TV and movie writer/director from Anderson.

Dangerous Minds have said that according to Pamela Colloff’s May 1998 account in Texas Monthly, Brooks, who is famed for Taxi and The Simpsons:

Loved Bottle Rocket and in a generous leap of faith, offered the roommates a deal: He would not only give them $5 million to turn it into a feature but also give them access to a cinematographer, editors, a crew—all the tools they needed for bringing their ideas to the big screen.

So not only did he facilitate Anderson's career, but Brooks provided an introduction to Wes Anderson’s 1998 film Rushmore written by Anderson and . Read Anderson's childlike scrawl below:

Dangerous Minds have also kindly edited the letter to make it slightly more coherent:

Dear Jim,

Thank you very, very much for going to all the trouble on that terrific screenplay introduction number. I personally guarantee that it’s going to be one of the best intros they’ve every published at Faber & Faber; and from me, that really means something (because I’ve read all those movie books). Also, I want you to know how pleased I was by your reaction to my Pauline Kael piece. It was great to hear such good feedback, and I took your advice and sent it to the N.Y. Times, and they’re running it in the Sunday Arts & Leisure in a couple of weeks. (or maybe it’s next Sunday.) Thanks again for writing such a nice piece for us. I’m really very proud of Owen’s & my whole experience with you, and I’m very happy & grateful we’ve had and have your help & friendship.

Love, Wes.

Also, if you have't already seen this hilarious Saturday Night Live spoof trailer of a Wes Anderson horror movie, then this is mandatory viewing, on behalf of Dangerous Minds:

SNL Made Fun Of All Your Favorite Wes Anderson Movies Last Night! from Henrik Nelson on Vimeo.

What do you make of the note? Do you find it slightly contrived or can Wes Anderson do no wrong in your eyes?



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