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Warning: This article contains major spoilers from the latest episode of American Horror Story.

American Horror Story has been commended for creating an entirely new world with Roanoke and the darker tone of the show has provided viewers with some of the most terrifying moments ever. The true story elements of the season have added to the horror seen in the fictional series' My Roanoke Nightmare and its sequel Return to Roanoke: Three Days in Hell. With the promise of only one participant making it out of Return to Roanoke alive the race is on as this season of the hit anthology drama begins to wrap up.

Check out some of American Horror Story's most messed up moments yet:

The latest episode of Roanoke came to a thrilling climax when Audrey and Lee discovered Piggy Man standing on the porch of the farmhouse. However, before they could attack him the assailant removed the pig head revealing his identity which both confused and shocked fans of the show. The man in the pig mask was the actor who played the Butcher's son Ambrose on My Roanoke Nightmare.

In the real world, we know him as Wes Bentley who has previously appeared as various characters in Hotel and Freak Show but in Roanoke he's playing an actor called Dylan. This shocking moment baffled audiences — why has he shown up at the Roanoke farmhouse and more importantly why is he dressed like Piggy Man? There are several possibilities — perhaps he came to rescue the participants, although that doesn't really add up. There is another option that is more likely to be closer to the truth and allow me to explain to you what exactly that is.

Dylan Never Took Part In Return To Roanoke

Dylan was oddly absent from "Return to Roanoke" (via FX)
Dylan was oddly absent from "Return to Roanoke" (via FX)

I must admit that I found it rather odd that Wes Bentley has been absent from American Horror Story ever since My Roanoke Nightmare came to an end. Dylan never took part in Return to Roanoke and no explanation was given by Sidney or anyone else for his absence. Moreover, Wes Bentley is currently listed as an series regular so I think we were all expecting him to be popping up on a regular basis.

When Audrey and Lee met Piggy Man in the doorway, they were just as shocked as the viewers were to discover it was Dylan behind the mask, confirming that he was never meant to be involved in Return to Roanoke. However, that's not necessarily the real truth of the matter - Dylan probably is a part of Return to Roanoke, it just wasn't revealed to the other participants.

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Dylan Was Hired By Sidney To Scare The Return To Roanoke Participants

(via FX)
(via FX)

Wes Bentley's re-introduction to Roanoke marks the first time that we meet the character of Dylan. Before this, Bentley had only appeared as the re-enactment of Ambrose White. The thing that baffled me about Dylan's surprise appearance in the latest episode is that he is in full Piggy Man disguise, including the expertly placed dirt all over his upper body. It's almost as if he was trying to impersonate the real Piggy Man.

This leads me to believe that since Dylan was actually part of the show — he was paid by Sidney to scare the participants of Return to Roanoke in an attempt to create drama. Several episodes ago, Sidney told Diana that he'd installed a few fake scares — such as exploding sinks — in an attempt to terrify the participants for dramatic effect. He didn't believe the Millers' story about the supernatural Roanoke colony so he felt that in order to create havoc he would have to make the scares himself.

Using this logic then it is totally believable that Sidney hired him an extra to scare the participants. Remember, Sidney was the one behind My Roanoke Nightmare so he would have also had access to realistic props and outfits — hence by Dylan's Piggy Man outfit is entirely believable. Sidney may not have made it out alive, but Dylan could have been hired several weeks prior. Dylan did play a part in the sequel series after all — we were just unaware of it.

The Promo For Next Week's Episode Confirms This Theory

The preview for next week's episode shows Audrey and Lee arguing with someone — it is clear from their location that this happens immediately after Dylan's arrival. Audrey yells at this person — presumably Dylan — that "everything is real." In her rant, she tells him that they are not playing pretend anymore. When next week's episode begins, Dylan will likely confess that he's been hired by Sidney to create dramatic effect which will lead Audrey to tell him the whole truth — everyone is dead and they are going to be next.

Moreover, Dylan looked rather shocked at the conclusion of "Chapter 8" when he was attacked with a crowbar, forcing him to reveal his identity to Lee and Audrey. His reaction proves that he is totally unaware of what went down the previous night. I wonder how he will react once he learns that he has walked into a supernatural trap.

Audrey and Lee got the shock of their lives. (via FX)
Audrey and Lee got the shock of their lives. (via FX)

Return to Roanoke looks like it's set to wrap up in next week's episode as American Horror Story's Roanoke centered season heads toward its conclusion. With the loss of Agnes, Sidney, Matt, Shelby, Dominic, Rory and most of the Polk family only four people remain. Dylan is now in part of the madness that is Return to Roanoke and he joins Audrey, Lee and Monet in an heart-racing game of survival — but who will survive the ? I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

American Horror Story airs Wednesdays on FX. Do you think Dylan was hired by Sidney to create chaos and dramatic effect? Tell me in the comment section below.


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