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For many superhero movie fans, the genre didn't really kick into gear until 2008, and the release of both Iron Man and The Dark Knight. With those movies respectively marking the beginning of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the high point of Christopher Nolan's widely beloved Dark Knight saga, there's an argument to be made that the modern dominance of superhero movies dates back to that year, and its twin triumphs.

Ask some slightly older superhero movie fans, though, and they'll likely give you a very different answer. Sure, 1989's Batman may not have sparked enough successors to be considered a true beginning, much as 1978's Superman didn't — but 1998's Blade, starring Wesley Snipes as the titular vampiric vampire hunter? Well, that arguably opened the flood gates. In a landscape dominated by fluorescent Batman sequels, Blade offered up an alternative, more emotionally complex path — one that was swiftly followed by Sony's Spider-Man, Fox's X-Men and, eventually, Warner Bros.' Batman Begins. In other words? Blade is arguably the point at which the "modern" superhero movie began to go mainstream. And now, in the wake of so much success by its successors...

Wesley Snipes Is Teasing A New Blade Movie... Again

[Blade II/New Line Cinema]
[Blade II/New Line Cinema]

Y'see, every so often, Snipes takes to social media to tease the fan-pleasing possibility that we could see a shiny new Blade movie emerge within the MCU. His latest nod in that direction?

Which, as a cruelly vague tease, is right up there with the best of them, even if it doesn't actually explicitly say... anything whatsoever. The big question it does raise, though?

Could We Actually See A New Blade Movie?

After all, with Marvel now rapidly expanding its output into more supernatural directions (step forward Doctor Strange), there may well finally be room in the MCU for an aging vampire-hunter like Blade. The only problem? It most likely wouldn't be on the big screen. With Marvel Studios having more or less perfected a tonally consistent and family-friendly formula at the box office, edgier one-time movie stars like Ghost Rider and The Punisher have been relegated to leading roles on the small screen.

That, then, could well be the most likely avenue for us actually seeing Blade on screen once more. A Netflix series, perhaps — or an improbable cameo on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.?

Want more on Blade's potential Netflix-based future, though? Check out some of the leading candidates to replace Snipes, should he for some reason give up the role.

In the meantime, what do you think? Where would you most like to see Blade reappear? Let us know below!


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