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Westworld fever has taken ahold of us all, and the internet is awash with daring rumors, insane theories and wild speculation. Eager fans are combing every last detail of each week's episode for clues that might answer the big questions on everyone's mind. Questions like: What is the maze? What actually happened to Arnold? What's up with the Man In Black?

Luckily, HBO has taken liberties to aid viewers in this valiant quest. Discover Westworld is an online portal where fans of the show can find a wealth of information on the park, just as actual guests might. Then there's the Delos Incorporated Security Panel, which gives us a more intimate look at the inner workings of the company. So, what's really going on at Westworld? Let's take a look at the latest findings.

4. Did Arnold Eat Himself?

Totally not Photoshopped
Totally not Photoshopped

In Episode 3, Dr. Ford tells Bernard that his partner, Arnold, died of an accident in the park. The "Terms of Destination" on Discover Westworld contains a list of all the causes of death within the park:

"Statistically speaking, you are more likely to die from lightning strike than to die while in a Delos park. However, the following causes of accidental death have occurred within the Delos Destinations compound: buffalo stampede, self- cannibalism, accidental hanging, drowning, 3rd-degree burns, autoerotic asphyxiation, blunt force trauma, allergic reaction to non-native plant life, falling from great heights, common manslaughter, tumbleweeds"

Could any of these deaths apply to Arnold? "Accidental hanging" could fit — Dr. Ford did allude to the fact that Arnold's death was self-inflicted, yet still labelled an accident. Or perhaps he was suggesting that Arnold's death was foul play — could it be "common manslaughter"? He also suggested that Arnold's mental state had deteriorated significantly — "Self-cannibalism"?

3. Park Surveillance Is Slack


The Delos Incorporated Security Panel contains an aggregate of flagged emails from employees of the company. Most of the communications relate to the usual office scandals — romances, petty politics, inter-department pranks — but there's some hidden information in there as well. One conversation between two workers discussing sneaking into the park reveals the following information:

"That is incredibly stupid. But honestly, the way park coverage has been going, you just may get away with it."

It would appear that the park isn't as heavily monitored as it should be. That would explain why the Man In Black's quest to find The Maze hasn't raised any suspicions among other Delos employees, who seem not to know about this narrative (they haven't mentioned it once). It would also explain why no one has seemed to notice Dolores's sudden fascination with prohibited firearms.

2. Westworld HQ Is Really, Really Big

Seriously, these Delos headquarters are giving Resident Evil's Umbrella Corporation digs a run for their money. What's interesting about this map is the old disused facilities, which sit right above cold storage. Could there be something mysterious lurking within this abandoned level?

1. They're Onto Us

Bernard is watching you. And judging.
Bernard is watching you. And judging.

An alert about a digital security breach on the Security Panel warns of the following:

"Users of online digital message boards have been looking closely at the source code behind Westworld’s digital destinations, particularly, looking for details about our operations. Thankfully, those users have gleaned little, but we know they are continually watching."

This is an obvious reference to Discover Westworld's helper bot, Aeden, who is known to let loose a little more information than necessary when fed the right prompts by curious viewers. The latest update to Aeden's conversational repertoire includes a glitchy reference to the mysterious Arnold:

Jeez Aeden, chill
Jeez Aeden, chill

So while you're busy hurling profanities at your virtual host, remember: they're watching.

Check out what else we can expect from this season of Westworld in the video below:

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What Westworld Easter Eggs have you uncovered?


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