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HBO's breakout sci-fi western, Westworld, has not only amassed more viewers that the First Season of Game Of Thrones, but it's also become a festering hive of conspiracies, rather impressive fan art and, of course, a treasure trove of fan theories. And, if there's one thing fans love more than a big delicious Easter Egg, it's a big delicious Easter Egg that's been fed to the relentless jaws of Reddit by a Shows creator themselves.

That's right Jonathan Nolan, the co-creator of the Show, took to Reddit last night and fanned the animatronic flames of the pyre by answering a question by @mattdezine's with a sneak-peak of an as of yet, unreleased scene. Queue the internal combustion of the internet, a theory that Dolores is actually the artist responsible for all of IKEA's infamously bland purchasable 'art' and the reemergence of the World's most notorious anthropomorphized phallus, DickButt.

But before we get into all that, let's start with the question that set the wheels of this insane fan wagon in motion.

'Westworld's' Million Dollar Question:

Daring to say what we've all been thinking, Redditor mattdezine raised the very important question — just what has happened to all of the paintings Dolores has created over the course of her thirty year existence within the park? Programmed with a set number of narrative loops, we know that when Dolores drops her can of milk in Sweetwater and Teddy or a guest does not pick it up for her, she will pick it up herself and ride off to the riverside to paint.

Here's a wonderful flow-chart illustration of Dolores' narrative loops:

As we can see, once done for the day, she heads home with her painting in tow where she either confronts an attack at the ranch or enjoys a (presumably rare) quiet evening at home with her parents. But what happens to her delightful river-side illustration?

Jonathan Nolan's Million Dollar Answer:

Jumping straight onto Reddit, Nolan released this previously unseen huge Easter Egg of a clip showing us exactly what has happened to all of Dolores' paintings, and as you can see, it looks like she's been stashing all of her identical completed artworks in a cupboard when she gets back home. But what does this mean, and what clues might Nolan be giving us to tease where the Series might be headed?

Reddit Reacts To Nolan's Westworld Sneak-Peak:

After taking a few moments to reflect on Nolan's Reddit gift, the fan theories began to creep out of the milky ether, here are some of the most convincing so far:

  • The Gif is actually cut just short of the Westworld employee turning to the next page and discovering slight differences in Dolores' paintings, most possibly caused by Ford's reverie update.
  • However, the employee is wearing what appears to be one of the older hazmat suits, perhaps putting him in the earlier timeline of William. If the gif truly is cut short and there is a change in the next painting, it could indicate that Arnold was way ahead of Ford in creating reverie type subtle behavior changes within the Hosts.
  • Dolores doesn't think it's strange that she keeps adding the same painting to a seemingly endless pile of the same image because, like Bernard couldn't see the door, she simply can't see them. They look like nothing to her.
  • Dolores misses a trick by never signing her own artwork, which is perhaps an indication that the Hosts are unable to write.
  • Dolores is actually behind all of IKEA's bland canvas art, and Westworld is actually just a huge gift shop style production line for the Swedish ready-to-assemble furniture conglomerate.

But Wait, How Is DickButt Involved In All Of This?

Oh, I'm so glad you asked! Well, but mere moments after Nolan uploaded his sneak-peak Gif to Reddit, a request was made to incorporate DickButt into the Gif and ultimately into the Reddit thread. This meant that while some Redditors saw Nolan's original Gif, many were shown the DickButt version, leading a few Westworld fans to believe that the reveries buried deep within Dolores' programming had lead her to inadvertently channel the great meme of our time into her artwork.

Ultimately, would it even be too great a stretch of the imagination for Dolores to start incorporating DickButt into her paintings? Given his timelessness and the other Host's inability to see anything that may be threatening to them, it could be a feasible storyline for the show. The jury is out on whether IKEA would appreciate this new addition to their canvas catalogue however.


Who's better, Dolores or Monet?


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