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HBO's Westworld is quickly becoming the most eagerly anticipated show of our fall calendar. The last trailer, released August 28, set up the general plot outline and established the characters we'll see, but only offered a tease of some of the gritty scenes to come. Now HBO has just released another even more action-packed trailer that exposes a lot more of the hectic, mind-twisting world we can't wait to dive into this October 2nd.

Check out the latest trailer below:

The explosive trailer gives us a lot more clues about what to expect, and it also raises a lot of questions. Let's break down the trailer and take a closer look at some of the most revealing moments and figure out what they could mean for Westworld.

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A Better Idea Of How Big Westworld Really Is

In the original 1973 film, the guests of the theme park are invited to delve into a simulated reality, but the scope was reduced to that of a town. It looks as though the new series will expand the area of the theme park to include acres of landscape in which the guests to roam around.

The vastness of the environment will allow many characters to get lost and hide if need be, and it is enough space to include several towns. Apparently, the virtual reality sandbox is so big that a train can run through it, which begs so many questions, not least: How many people and androids populate Westworld? How many towns are there? What are the limits to this virtual space?

We Learn More About The Androids Themselves

The latest trailer has revealed a lot more about the production and condition of the androids. They seems to be brought to life with some kind of milky oil that they are all layered in during the final stage of creation. This white emulsion has many scratching their heads and wondering what the androids are made of and whether or not they can be destroyed by physical force.

Milk comes back into the trailer when we see one of the androids trying to drink some after taking hot lead to the belly, most likely from a duel with one of the human guests. So much for the milk of human kindness!

We also get a look at how massive the production facility is when the architect (Anthony Hopkins) confronts one of his creations. The dark hanger is lit with ultra modern rings that gives the space a dystopian feel that sharply contrasts with the rustic Western setting.

Cowboys Aren't The Only Ones Wreaking Havoc In Westworld

Westworld would not be a truly immersive experience in a virtual Western-themed world without Native Americans to add conflict, and the latest trailer is the first reveal of these seemingly ruthless outsiders. Thandie Newton plays Maeve Millay, the madame who runs the local brothel, and it looks as though she's crossed the wrong native and earned herself a brutal scalping.

The revelation of these new characters leads us to believe that they are built into the virtual experience but perhaps they are the first androids to go haywire and start rebelling against their architect. The visceral snippet leads to a couple of important questions: Is this Native American alone or acting as part of a tribe? Why are they attacking fellow androids?

This fresh look into the Westworld universe has left us with many questions and has ramped up our anticipation for the show's release. With each trailer we get a clearer picture of what to expect and it seems to be getting more violent and more sexual -- in true HBO fashion, nothing is taboo. We'll just have to wait until October 2nd for answers.

What was your favorite part of the new trailer?


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