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Major spoilers ahead for Westworld Episode 9, so if you're not caught up, you know what to do. Some memories can't be erased.

Maeve, in case you hadn't noticed, is the best character in Westworld.

I don't know if this is a fact universally accepted, but in my head it's the stone cold truth, a truth which made Episode 9, 'The Well-Tempered Clavier,' a frustrating experience — Maeve's progress during this superb hour of television took something of a back seat to the ongoing mysteries of Arnold's true identity and Dolores's memories (which eventually intertwined in truly shocking fashion).

But while we didn't get much, we did get a small but crucial development in Maeve's own story, in addition to a major development which threatened to derail Bernard's carefully-woven narrative. Oh — and a sex scene which was quite literally the hottest yet seen in (which is saying something considering that epic orgy).

First things first, though — Maeve being captured at the end of the previous episode lands her in the lab once again. At this point Maeve's attribute matrix has been upgraded so far that she's essentially now the smartest person in the park (not exactly difficult, considering everybody who works downstairs at Westworld is deliciously stupid).

As if to prove that point, the extraction team leaves her alone with Bernard, and Maeve seizes Bernard's ignorance about his own status as an opportunity to escape confinement once more. Will the higher-ups never learn that this heavenly creature wasn't destined to be caged?

While Bernard goes in search of his truth, ultimately learning that he is essentially a puppet version of the mysterious Arnold, Maeve gets back to the business of plotting her grand escape from the park, and it's here that Westworld drops another huge development — for the first time, a Host reveals to another that their existence is not only fake and written by "gods," but doomed to repeat until those same gods decide to do to them what they did to Clem.

She's not the first host to become self-aware, but thanks to her new, enhanced matrix, she's the first who's smart enough to see that the only way to hold on to that awareness is to spread the word — the gods can find and reset her, assuming they're less open to manipulation than Felix and Sylvester, but reseting literally hundreds of hosts is a task bordering on the impossible. This secret will be spilled.


And so Maeve begins recruiting, but not until she's taken the time to have seriously hot sex with Hector in a tent engulfed in flames. Maeve's cynicism and dry sense of humor are part of what makes her her, even before she opened her eyes to her reality, and it's brilliantly in-character for her to think that, if she's about to "break into hell and rob the gods blind", she might as well score some decent sex first.

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In the promo for next week's season finale, 'The Bicameral Mind,' we get a glimpse of Maeve and Felix travelling in a lift, Maeve dressed in modern clothing. Up until now, though, everything has been going suspiciously well for her. I'd put money on something, or somebody, scuppering Maeve's plans before she goes all Ex Machina and actually gets a taste of the real world — after all, these violent delights have violent ends...

Watch the trailer for the finale below, then tell me —

What twist does Westworld have in store to keep Maeve inside the park?


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