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Hold onto your cowboy hats, because Westworld creator Jonathon Nolan has just revealed exactly where he's planning on taking us for Season 2 — and it involves the late, great Robert Ford's legacy.

The writer is a sporadic contributor to the Westworld subreddit, and recently decided to spark intrigue by posting a very cryptic image for fans to endlessly analyze and obsess over. But what could it mean?

Can't Stop, Won't Stop, Never Gonna Stop Posting Mazes

The original post came from a fan asking the members of the subreddit to please "end the endless maze image posts," arguing that "Just because you see a maze doesn't mean it's quality Westworld related content."

While some may have agreed, Nolan himself wasn't quite as convinced, and posted the following image of a cheerful maze toy — accompanied by the simple response of, "nope":

[Credit: Jonathon Nolan Reddit]
[Credit: Jonathon Nolan Reddit]

As hilarious as his trolling might be, the photo also features the Westworld Season 2 Episode 1 script. While the title of episode 2x01 is slightly obscured by the maze toy, any frequenter of Westworld's ARG, "Discover Westworld", can tell you that the title is undoubtedly "Journey Into Night".

What Is 'Journey Into Night'?

Aside from sparking a slew of Watchmen crossover jokes (the yellow smiley face on the maze toy is reminiscent of the comic's Comedian's badge), "Journey Into Night" is a reference to something straight out of Westworld Season 1.

Remember Ford's final narrative? The one that resulted in the death of himself and many other park guests, and was essentially a violent robot uprising? Ford had originally titled it "Journey Into Night."

In fact, one Redditor discovered that it triggered an alarming reaction with Aeden, the AI from "Discover Westworld":

"On the last page of the Westworld Travel Guide, it recommends asking Aeden about Ford's new Journey into Night narrative. Typing 'journey into night' to Aeden turns his name red, makes him say he remembers you, and makes him interact with you differently."

The name of Ford's final narrative is also quite similar to the Eugene O'Neill play, "Long Day's Journey Into Night". Redditor shenvvvv noted a link between the family in O'Neill's play and Ford's very own family (remember meeting the robot version hidden inside the park?).

Another Redditor, EmergencyChocolate, highlighted the parallels between lines in the play and the themes shown in Westworld — particularly, "Nothing was what it is," and, "The past is the present, isn't it? It's the future, too. We all try to lie out of that but life won't let us."

There's no doubt Westworld Season 2 will continue where Season 1 ended, delving even further into the newly-freed consciousness of Dolores and her robot army. Ford's creations have finally begun their liberated journey — where will it take them now?

What are your predictions for Westworld Season 2?


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