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Warning: Spoilers for Westworld Season 1 to follow. Proceed with caution!

Westworld's first season left us with tons of revelations, and even more questions. The jumping time-line gave the show a sense of ambiguity and a wonderful payoff when viewers finally figured it out. Season 1 finished with an epic finale that saw Dr. Robert Ford's plan finally pay off, and a very conflicted Maeve deciding on her next steps. Basically, we need to see more!

Now, it seems that Season 2 will be as ambiguous as its predecessor. The new Season won't pick up immediately after the finale of Season 1, spoon-feeding us the aftermath like most other shows.

I want to know what happened Maeve! [Credit: HBO]
I want to know what happened Maeve! [Credit: HBO]

Westworld showrunners Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy told Entertainment Weekly that fans are “definitely going to see the aftermath and the effects of what happened” — but it just might not be the way you'd expect. Nolan confirmed that in Season 2, they're “definitely not picking up right where [they] left off”.

This chimes with what Nolan told TVLine back in December:

“It didn’t feel appropriate to spend too much time illuminating how unreal this place is, because the hosts believe in it so much up until that horrifying moment when they realize that it’s an artificial world. So we didn’t get bogged down in it. [We] will spend a little bit more time next season shining a light on those aspects of the park — what does it feel like to come to it as a guest? — just a little bit before the mayhem starts.”

What Does This Mean For 'Westworld'?

What this basically means for Westworld is that we're probably going to see a lot more world-building in Season 2. It sounds to me that Westworld Season 2 will jump from timeline to timeline, much like in Season 1. The only difference is, this time we're expecting time-jumps — so what can the writers do to ensure more plot twists?

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For one, I'd love to see the show explore more of the other worlds that have been teased thus far, mainly Samurai World, which looks awesome to say the least. Maybe we could even see some more links to the original 1973 movie, like they did ever-so-subtly in Season 1.

What Do We Know For Sure?

I need more Samurai World in Season 2! [Credit: HBO]
I need more Samurai World in Season 2! [Credit: HBO]

Thus far, we know the showrunners want to spend time on the artificial aspects of the park, and what it feels like to come as a guest. In terms of more concrete detail, we also recently learned that Louis Herthum (Peter Abernathy) and Talulah Riley (Angela) have been upped to series regulars for Season 2. This could be huge, because Angela and Peter are two exceptionally creepy characters from Season 1 that could really add more questions to Season 2. Herthum's promotion is particularly intriguing; considering Abernathy was "retired" during Season 1, it's possible Season 2 will include flashbacks to a time pre-dating the first season.

Louis Herthum and Talulah Riley [Credit: HBO]
Louis Herthum and Talulah Riley [Credit: HBO]

Overall, I'm stoked to see what surprises Westworld has in store for us in Season 2, even if that means more jumping timelines and insane levels of confusion. I think the addition of Louis Herthum and Talulah Riley can prove to be a great move for the western/sci-fi, adding more android character arcs to the mix. It's just a shame that we have to wait another year before we get some more Westworld in our lives...

Until then, let me know what fan theories you'd love to see come to life in Season 2 of Westworld in the comments!

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