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Someone pass the revolver, I don't know if can take the extended wait until we tread the dusty plains of HBO's Westworld once more. It is going to be a looooong wait, and don't we know it!

Based on Michael Crichton's cult-film of sci-fi madness, the 1973 Westworld spawned a sequel, a short-lived CBS show, and then, 43 years after its original, HBO's epic TV reimagining. Riding shotgun out of the minds of Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, Westworld was tipped to be the new Game of Thrones, and boy was it. There was (sadly) no incest, but in and among the graphic violence, f-bombs, and token orgy, was a rich tapestry of interweaving timelines and superbly acted roles.

While we use our reveries to relive Season 1 in all its glory, let's look ahead to the year 2018 and Season 2 — does that compute?

This article will be updated continually until Season 2, so prepare to upload all your updates to remain at full operating capacity.

'Westworld' Season 2 News, Rumors & Updates

'Westworld' [Credit: HBO]
'Westworld' [Credit: HBO]

Hearing voices in your head? That could be us with all the latest Westworld Season 2 news, rumors and updates. Here's your one stop Mesa Hub of what you can expect next time around in the park.

Updated 3/08/2017:

Jimmi Simpson May Not Be Back For Season 2 -

Speaking to GQ, Simpson said he isn't sure whether his character of William could return for the show's second season, leaving us question whether his story is told.

Evan Rachel Wood Is Engaged -

After being spotted alongside her partner Zach Villa at the SAG Awards, reps confirm that Evan Rachel Wood will marry her partner (and bandmate) in a private ceremony. The two form double act electro-pop band Rebel and a Basketcase and confirmed their relationship in December 2016.

Luke Hemsworth On That Long Wait -

Luke (the forgotten) Hemsworth may have provided for one of the overhanging questions from Westworld's first season, but at least we can expect to see more of the Hemsworth hunk moving forward. He told The Independent why that 2018 air date is well worth the wait:

“They are trying to get it right. They don’t want to go in doing what they were doing last time where they were under the cosh the whole time. They want to go in with a clear plan – A to Z and everything in between – at least have drafts in place.”

It isn't much solace for those who want to gorge on another gory season right now, but at least with drafts in place, Nolan and Joy are moving forward. If Season 1 is what they can do under pressure, who knows what the show will be like with another two years to plan.

Westworld Breaks HBO Record -

Crunching the numbers, the first season of Westworld eclipsed its rivals to become the network's most-watched show ever. Heading off from an impressive 3.3 million viewers for Episode 1 and ending on a high of 3.6 million for the finale. A whopping total of 12 million viewers watched the first season of robot cowboys and cunning brothel madams. To put it into context, a mere 2.52 million watched the first season of Game of Thrones in 2011, so keep at it, cowboys, the figures speak for themselves.

Madness Begins -

You didn't really think we would carry on expensive tourist tours forever did you? Evan Rachel Wood promises that Westworld will only really begin in Season 2:

"I know a little about what’s coming in Season 2. I know how our ending for Season 1 will segue into Season 2 and… wow. [laughs] That’s all I can say. I think it was always that Season 1 was going to be this backstory and set up — getting to know the park and characters. I think Season 2 is really going to be warp speed. The show might really start in Season 2."

Riding Shogun -

Giving the shock appearance of Shogun/Samurai World in the Season 1 finale, Nolan and Joy have confirmed that Westworld Season 2 will venture off-road to visit some of the other worlds out there. First and foremost though, we will be spending some time in the dojo when we return to Shogun World:

"I think the fun and challenge of this show is that season upon season, we'll only get more ambitious. We will ultimately encounter other worlds. Just when and where remains to be seen..."It's wonderful to work with actors we haven't worked with before. This allows us a lot of access to Asian actors and the Asian community which is very important to me as part-Asian myself."

The duo confirmed that staples Medieval World and Roman World from the original franchise will remain in the robot workshop, but where else could we go?

Dead Man Walking -

Also, the apparent "death" of Dr. Robert Ford doesn't necessarily mean the end. In an interview with EW, Jonathan Nolan said death is just a state in Westworld; which makes sense in a world where you can lie dormant as a robotic clone of a dead man for 30 years and not realize:

"We were very lucky to have one amazing season with Anthony Hopkins. We loved working with him. As for the show, where it goes, the characters — we’ve well established we’re playing in a more advanced ruleset in terms of death and resurrection than other [projects] I’ve worked on. So I would say: Assume nothing."

Other recent Westworld news:

'Westworld' Season 2 premiere date

If you want to know when the park is back open for business, expect building works and expansions to take a while. Nolan and Joy confirmed that the Westworld Season 2 premiere date won't be before 2018. Quite when in 2018 is unknown, but the rocky robots are unlikely to go against HBO's other golden goose Game of Thrones.

Expect either very early or late in the year for the season premiere. Presumably continuing the one-hour theme, Westworld Season 2 will air on HBO with another 10 episodes.

'Westworld' Season 2 Trailer

Sorry, high-level Delos employees only — ACCESS DENIED

Park this one deep in the mainframe, the Westworld Season 2 trailer isn't likely to come out until some time late 2017. In the meantime, check out our chronologically correct timeline from Season 1 for those struggling to get their heads around WTF was going on and when.

Westworld Season 2 Plot

Apart from swinging samurai swords and cleaning the blood off white tablecloths from Ford's retirement gala, little is known about where the Westworld Season 2 plot will head.

Will there be a The Lost World: Jurassic Park-style rescue/escape attempt. Given that Crichton also penned the dino-stories, most probably!

Check back soon as we get drip-fed news on Season 2.

'Westworld' Season 2 Cast

[Credit: Evan Rachel Wood Instagram]
[Credit: Evan Rachel Wood Instagram]

Was Anthony Hopkins really a one-season deal? While Hannibal Lecter seemingly pops off for dinner, let's look at who else can fulfill our acting appetite with the Westworld Season 2 cast. From quick-draw cowboys to brothel bots who can service your every need, if you are wondering who is who, you can check out our full Westworld cast:

Check out the Westworld Season 2 cast status below.

*Confirmed to return*

Ed Harris as the Man in Black/William - while promoting some board treading on the West End, Harris told BBC Radio 4 that the enigmatic Man in Black would return for Season 2.

*Highly Likely*

Evan Rachel Wood as Dolores Abernathy

Jeffrey Wright as Bernard Lowe/Arnold Weber

James Marsden as Teddy Flood

Thandie Newton as Maeve Millay

Tessa Thompson as Charlotte Hale

Simon Quarterman as Lee Sizemore

Luke Hemsworth as Ashley Stubbs

Ingrid Bolsø Berdal as Armistice

Rodrigo Santoro as Hector Escaton

*Question Marks*

Anthony Hopkins as Robert Ford

Jimmi Simpsons as William

Ben Barnes as Logan

Clifton Collins Jr. as Lawrence

Angela Sarafyan as Clementine Pennyfeather

Shannon Woodward as Elsie Hughes

Ptolemy Slocum as Sylvester

Leonardo Nam as Felix Lutz

Talulah Riley as Angela

'Westworld' Season 2 Characters

'Westworld' [Credit: HBO]
'Westworld' [Credit: HBO]

Play us a tune Old Bill. The park's rogue robots have escaped from their gloomy dungeon, and with an extended stay in Shogun World prepare to meet a lot of new faces and Westworld Season 2 characters. Does this also mean we will be losing some more familiar ones? We are still mourning Theresa *sob*. Let's meet the Westworld Season 2 characters and see what they are all up to:

'Westworld' Season 2 Review & Recap

Unfortunately, Delos hasn't initiated their time travel protocol, so as we are unable to travel to 2018, there is no way to view the Westworld Season 2 reviews and recaps. If you need something to read in the agonizing wait for Westworld Season 2 check out what you might have missed from the episodes:

'Westworld' Season 2 Preview & Promos

While the bots bring themselves back online, and the humans run for their lives, the Westworld Season 2 preview section is undergoing maintenance. However, here are some other shows you can watch to keep those parts well oiled:

'Westworld' Season 2 Spoilers

'Westworld' [Credit: HBO]
'Westworld' [Credit: HBO]

While most of us annoyingly unravelled the clever web of Westworld before the big twists hit us, there were some turns that none of us saw coming — like a certain concrete wall in a secret basement. If you just can't help yourself, all the biggest bits of meaty Westworld Season 2 spoilers will be posted here.

'Westworld' Season 2 Theories

If you are ready to get your best blue and white dress to go down the rabbit hole once more, here are the biggest and baddest Westworld Season 2 theories buried out in the desert. Who is a robot this time, will Teddy ever get to be with Dolores, and how will Armistice live life as a one-armed bandit?

You can check out the long journey to the center of the maze from Westworld Season 1 here:

What do you love most about Westworld and what would you like to see in Season 2?


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