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It's crazy to think that it's been over seven months since the finale to Westworld's Season One aired on HBO. Since then, fans have been itching to get a glimpse to what the mysterious show has in store for a second season. So far, HBO has been trickling out little teasers to get us excited, and some fans have done research of their own, including inspecting a new Westworld Funko Pop! character called Musashi, who could be a vital plot point for the second season.

We've recently received another little teaser for the next season in the form of a message on the Westworld website, Discover Westworld. This site can only be accessed in certain countries, but thankfully we can see the cryptic message below:

[Credit: HBO/Discover Westworld]
[Credit: HBO/Discover Westworld]

The eerie message seems to show the site malfunctioning and being overridden by somebody calling for help. This message is shortly thwarted by what we can only assume is a Westworld official claiming that "all is well. Celebrations continue..." It's interesting to speculate who the culprit for the cyber breach is, but the most intriguing guess is that it's Elsie from Season 1 who although seems dead, could actually still be alive. If you remember from the first season, Elsie went missing whilst investigating who was smuggling data out of the park. We never got full confirmation that she died, so the theory that she was the one calling for help is totally plausible.

'Loading - Journey Into Night'

Another interesting thing on the Discover Westworld site is that when the systems recover from being overridden, the page says "Loading - Journey Into Night," which as some of you may know, is the name of Ford's grand plan and planned narrative for the park. It seems as though Robert Ford is going to ultimately get his way, and we'll finally see what his ambitious plan was this whole time.

This all seems quite ambiguous for the moment, but you can't deny that it's keeping you heavily invested for what's to come in Season 2. and the Westworld team seem to be masters of teasing and building hype. I know we still have wait 'til 2018 for Season 2, but at least we know they're spending quality time to make a quality show.

Let me know how you think Season Two will pan out!


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