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Attention campers, the second installment of Wet Hot American Summer's companion series has finally dropped on Netflix. Wet Hot American Summer: 10 Years Later sets up the new season by beginning with a clip set in 1981 showing the group agreeing to meet at Camp Firewood for a 10-year reunion in 1991.

The gang's all there except for one noticeable face - Bradley Cooper, who played Ben, the theater nerd. The character of Ben was initially in a relationship with 's character, Susie, until it was revealed that he was really in love with McKinley (Michael Ian Black). The two eventually get married at the camp and seem to be going strong 10 years later with a new baby. While the dynamic between Ben and McKinley hasn't changed, something still felt a little off...Ben is now a completely different person.

Well, not exactly. It's that Ben is now played by , who took over for Bradley Cooper when he couldn't reprise his role due to scheduling conflicts. The role change doesn't go unnoticed and the series, in true Wet Hot American Summer form, had the perfect explanation.

Ben had surgery to correct his deviated septum which altered his appearance and, according to Susie, makes him look even better. Makes total sense in the world of Camp Firewood but the real gift for fans is the mini-reunion between Amy Poehler and Adam Scott, who played power couple Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt on Parks and Recreation.

Co-creator and cast member (Coop) spoke to Entertainment Weekly to comment on the actor switch and explained where he got the inspiration for the twist:

“I’m reminded of the sequel to Vacation, European Vacation, and there’s someone else who played Anthony Michael Hall’s character, and it’s just sort of ridiculous. I like unapologetically just swapping out the actor. The idea that seemed so silly was that he had a nose job and is worried that people won’t recognize him, and the joke is that everybody recognizes him completely and says that you can barely notice it. Essentially what we’re saying is: If Bradley Cooper got a nose job, he would look like Adam Scott.”

It was also reported by fellow co-creator and star David Wain that Cooper was on board with the storyline and thought it was funny. Cooper is also open to reappearing in the Netflix franchise continues depending on his availability, but would that mean Ben would have to go through deconstructive surgery to return to form? Don't be surprised if the show even finds a way to let both actors portray the character considering nothing is out of the realm of possibility with this kooky comedy.

Wet Hot American Summer: 10 Years Later is airing now on Netflix!

What do you think of the explanation for the character switch from Bradley Cooper to Adam Scott? Tell us in the comments below!

(Source: Entertainment Weekly)


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