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It's been a few years since WGN America took that brave first step into original programming. Since then, they've explored many different areas of storytelling and used excellent marketing to bring new stories and fans to the network. Unfortunately, as times changes, so does demand and taste. With that being true, WGN America has let go of the very series that launched its original programming.

Yes, it's . The series has been cancelled, effective immediately after the finale of its current season which airs on Wednesday nights. While the show was the network's highest-rated series during its initial seasons, it was ultimately eclipsed and outmatched by fellow WGN America shows Outsiders and Underground.

The series stars Janet Montgomery, Shane West, Seth Gabel, Ashley Madekwe, Tamzin Merchant, Oliver Bell, Elise Eberle, and Iddo Goldberg. A shock it must be for the cast as it was only a few weeks ago that Montgomery herself was revealing her hope and interest for a fourth season.

R.I.P 'Salem' - You Shall Be Missed

'Salem' co-creators Adam Simon and Brannon Braga
'Salem' co-creators Adam Simon and Brannon Braga

Salem was created by Brannon Braga (Cosmos, Star Trek: The Next Generation) and Adam Simon (The Haunting In Connecticut). When speaking openly for the first time regarding the series' cancellation, the duo had nothing but admiration and fond thanks.

"We are grateful to WGN America and Fox 21 for being terrific partners and giving us free reign to create a satisfying conclusion — one we believe respects our love of storytelling and the show’s passionate fans. We knew this would be the third and final season and were able to craft an exciting climax to Mary’s transformational saga.”

The show ran through seasons and in that time, managed to snag some excellent and superbly talented guest stars such as Xander Berkeley, Stuart Townsend, Marilyn Manson, and Xena herself, . While the first season was a bit of a bore, the second season really managed to shake things up with the introduction of Lawless' Countess Marburg. So much so that SpoilerTV's Gavin Hetherington called the second season, "best goddamn show on TV right now."

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WGN America President and General Manager Matt Cherniss spoke a bit about his fondness for both the studio and for the creators for entrusting them with this world. He also took to thanking the fans for showing such devotion to the network with their first original program.

“‘Salem’ is a fantastic show that greatly contributed to our successful launch into original programming. We thank Brannon, Adam, our talented cast and our partners at Fox 21, for entrusting us with their unique and remarkable vision for the world of ‘Salem.’ We also thank the fans for their loyal support of the show."

For now, Salem will continue to air the remainder of its third season on WGN America leading up to one hell of a conclusion. It's fitting that the show bows out as mankind prepares to battle the devil for heaven and Earth. And should the opportunity arise with more stories to tell in the future, well, there's always .

Do you think WGN America made the right call to cancel 'Salem'? Or was there plenty of story still left to tell?


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