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It's been a long, long time since 's noirish sci-fi masterpiece Blade Runner began its long, long journey to enduring cult classic status. But is wasn't always popular...

A scan of notes made by executives who funded the flick, following an early screening of the movie in 1981, reveal the execs' confusion and disapproval over several creative aspects of Blade Runner. Take a look:

(via Geek Tyrant)

So they sincerely found the movie deadly dull, sincerely wondered if was on drugs when recording his voiceover and sincerely wanted to see more of 's breasts.

I would probably have had a few choice words to say about the theatrical cut of Blade Runner back in 1981 too. Still, 2007's Final Cut finally gave us something not just special (it was always special) but also coherent. Right?



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