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Warning: Spoilers ahead for The Walking Dead Issue #167

As the ink and the blood drip from the pages of 's comic book, readers are still left reeling from the latest big death from the zombie apocalypse.

Showing no mercy with his bloodlust, Kirkman killed off Andrea (we didn't even know her last name), the long-term lover of Rick Grimes and another "original" character from the . Seemingly bitten in Issue #165, fans hoped for some fake-out storyline or a miraculous survival for Andrea, but alas, it wasn't to be. So, as Rick Grimes buries yet another of his lovers, it is time to hop over to 's show of the same name and see how/when/if the latest killer twist will affect its future!

When Your Number's Up

It is ironic that Andrea's death in the comic books actually mirrored her death from the divisive Season 3 finale of The Walking Dead. Under showrunner Glen Mazzara, Andrea received a fatal walker bite and bowed out with more of a whimper than a bang — despite being shot by Michonne. Laurie Holden's portrayal of Andrea never managed to reach her full potential and ended up becoming one of the most hated characters on the show.

Elsewhere, the Andrea from the comics became a badass sniper and de facto mother of Carl Grimes. As a powerful female lead, Andrea was one of the greatest characters to grace Kirkman's story and will be undoubtedly missed. So, with the pages still wet, let's run down the options of how Andrea's heroic departure could transfer onto the show with four possible options.

1. R.I.P. Michonne

Danai Gurira better hope that her upcoming role in Black Panther works out, because right in the firing line for Andrea's fate is the katana-wielding Michonne. The show has differed from the comic books on many occasions, but notably, Gurira's Michonne has taken on the role of Andrea. As Rick's second lover after the death of his wife, Michonne has a motherly position over Carl and even tried to learn some sniper skills. There is no doubt that Michonne has merged into the Andrea role after her death in "Welcome to the Tombs."

If you look back over the show, the two biggest deaths have been Rick's wife Lori and Rick's BFF Glenn Rhee — both of these transferred perfectly from the comic books and got the exact response that Kirkman wanted. While there has been a plethora of other big-name departures, the show feels that another massive death down the line is inevitable. It would certainly make sense that Rick's current squeeze has the same death as Andrea.

2. Take Your Pick

The next option is that Andrea's goodbye could go to anyone (and I mean anyone) else. The departure of Gurira wouldn't be the only way to incite shock and riots on the show as well as a ratings boost. As we saw with Hershel meeting Tyreese's fate, or Holly swapped for Sasha, a big death is only an event — any name can fit the brief.

If Michonne is killed, the show would undoubtedly fear the backlash of killing off such a popular member of the group, not to mention the only current black female lead character. However, if you kill off someone like Carol, Daryl, or even a smaller character, there will be those who undoubtedly think the show should've stuck closer to the comics and given Michonne a logical farewell — to be honest, this one is a lose lose!

3. No One Dies But Michonne Becomes Andrea

This one is a big fat no from me!

As said earlier, every series regular seems fairly safe for now. Even in the comic books, there is a fairly large period where no hugely important character bites the dust. Given the way in which whole seasons can sometimes cover only a couple of issues, by the time we do reach #165, it will many years from now. Kirkman knows his world inside out and a death is clearly put there for a reason. On the positives, he wants to distance the show from the comics and keep it fresh, however, we have come to expect some sort of synergy between the two.

The other half of this is that Michonne from the comics fills the Andrea role to become her live-action counterpart. In a reverse of what the show is famous for, could Rick and Michonne get jiggy on the page? This is one surefire way to cause comic book outrage if it comes anytime soon. If Michonne and Rick romance in the comics, it would be his third relationship since the outbreak began — talk about an end of the world hussy!

4. Rick Gets The Chop

There is of course a final, and probably preferable, solution. If you remember back to Deanna's leadership of Alexandria, it was Michonne who got to hear her future plans for the Safe Zone. Also, Rick recently confided in Michonne that should anything happen to him in the upcoming Negan war, she should be the one to lead Alexandria when he is gone.

Rick Grimes may seem like this messiah leading the survivors across to a new life, however, Kirman has gone on record numerous times to say that Rick's death is a when not an if. It all slots together: Andrea's death in the comics could neatly become Rick's fall on the show.

No End In Sight

Whatever happens, comic book fans are still gobsmacked that we will be burying the blonde badass after 14 years of bringing hope to us all. The death will likely have long-term repercussions, and even Kirkman has recently released a letter apologizing for killing Andrea in the comics. Note that he hasn't apologized for it on the show — perhaps we should save that one for another day.

Luckily, whatever scenario we face, it is probably some way off yet. Season 8 of the undead romp will presumably focus on the "All Out War" portion of the comics, which will only take us up to Issue #126.

In the meantime, leave us in peace to mourn Andrea, but also remember, we never actually saw Holden take a bullet to the temple. Enter "Piss Everyone Off Option Five," bring back Laurie Holden for Season 9.

Check out this heart-wrenching Andrea montage from the show and don't forget our poll below!


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