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"I'm not just selling the script. I'm selling me!"
Chloe Gale

It's been nearly a year since Downton Abbey left our screens, and I for one, am having serious withdrawal problems. I miss the Dowager's sassy remarks, I miss Lady Mary's eye-rolls, I miss the consuming love stories and I miss the spectacle of the whole show.

I went through many different stages when I heard Downton was to end. These are known as The Stages of Downton Grief:

Stage One: Denial

Stage Two: Anger

Stage Three: Bargaining

Stage Four: Depression

Stage Five: Acceptance

I've come out of the other side, stronger and more determined to let the memory of Downton Abbey live on, as it should. As part of the recovery process, it's a good idea to look to the future, to search out silver linings. These silver linings come in the form of the cast and what they are up to next. So, pour yourself a cup of tea, or better yet, a strong gin, and let's work through this together and have a peek at what some of our beloved characters have got lined up for us next.

Michelle Dockery a.k.a. Lady Mary

Michelle gave us everything we wanted in Lady Mary, from hating on Lady Edith (deservedly so), leading her desire of suitors down the garden path and serving an abundance of eye rolls framed by those flawless eyebrows. Lest we forget she also killed a man with her foof! Yes she was a bit of a bitch, but my god, she did it so well.

Dockery has since gone on to greater things. She's sticking with TV for the time being and filming Good Behavior in the US, a crime drama with a black humor. Dockery plays sexy con-artist Letty who's is trying to pull off the ultimate scam while keeping the rest of her life intact. Watch the trailer below:

Oh she is definitely not a lady anymore, and we like it. Dockery has switched up hats for high heels. We do hope she keeps all of that sass and biting wit, though. Michelle has done a pretty decent job on the American accent too. The show is currently being filmed and is set for release on November 15th. We can definitely look forward to watching that, but we'll have to accept the fact Michelle has hung Mary's hat up for good.

Dan Stevens a.k.a. Matthew Crawley

Dan Stevens, I am still so very mad at you. How could you? You left us, on Christmas Day. You melted Mary's heart and then you fucked off to Hollywood, didn't you? We were always on your side even during the Lavinia years. I cant even.

Matthew was kind, generous and an absolute babe. His love story with Mary kept us warm in the winter months. The "will they, won't they?" kept us glued to our screens. He even dabbled with a uniform and wheelchair for a bit which only made us love him even more.

Why must you play with my heart like this? It seems Dan has definitely landed on his feet since jumping of the Downton bandwagon, though (bastard). His next venture is the highly anticipated Disney live action Beauty and the Beast, in which he will be playing the Beast. The movie is currently in post production and is set for release March 17th next year. Watch the video below to see the 2017 cast against the original Disney animation:

We hope Dan will be the perfect mix of sexy and emotionally damaged for the role of the Beast. At least we know he's not going to make Belle fall in love with him and then leave her for a movie contract. STILL SO MAD.

Joanna Froggatt a.k.a. Anna

Joanne brought such loveliness to the part of Anna, the hardworking lady's maid. Anna lived through such wonderful moments as buying a diaphragm so Lady Mary could get a bit of "hows ya father" on a dirty weekend away. The love story between her and Bates was full of struggles, deaths and prison sentences but eventually they got the happy ending they deserved. Then of course, there was THAT scene that will be forever scarred into my mind. LEAVE ANNA ALONE!

Froggatt has gone onto much greater things and her next project is one that we are definitely looking forward to. Joanne is playing Val in the movie adaptation of A Street Cat Named Bob. A feel good story about how a stray ginger cat turned a junkie's life around. Watch the trailer below:

It seems Joanne is always there to help others and spread some joy. We'll look forward to seeing the true life story when it hits cinemas on November 18th, until then I shall have to try and refrain from falling into a Downton marathon which will start the grief off all over again.

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How are we all doing? If you've made it this far, good work! You're making progress. The only way to deal with your Downton disorder is to tackle it head on. Onwards and Upwards!

Laura Carmichael aka Lady Edith

Laura had the unforgiving job of playing 'the shit sister.' She was the thorn in her parents side, a great annoyance to Mary and generally a bit meh. She did however get her happy ending, marriage and the golden ticket of socially outranking Mary.

Edith gave as good as she got and, though she painted herself like a victim, she could be a sneaky bitch when she wanted to be. She did of course have a bastard child in Marigold, it seems the Crawley sisters just couldn't keep it in their corsets.

Carmichael herself is definitely not tragic and she's landed herself a role in the highly anticipated movie A United Kingdom, this flick is expected to do well at the Oscars next year. Laura will play Muriel Williams, the dowdy sister to Rosamund Pike, in this real life tale of an African prince marrying a white woman in London in the '40s. Watch the emotional trailer below:

Maybe there is the Edith curse hanging over Laura, she may well be destined to play the dull younger sister for all eternity, we hope not though, no one likes pulling an Edith. The movie is due for release on November 25th 2016. Here's hoping there's a lot more from Carmichael to come.

Jessica Brown Findlay a.k.a. Lady Sybil

Ok, I admit Matthew's accident hit me hard, but Sybil outright destroyed me. I cried for an hour and had to call a friend to calm me down. Jessica brought nothing but pure joy and innocence to the role of Sybil. She was young, feisty and broke the rules. Running off with the Branson the chauffeur gave us all 'lady of the manor' fantasies. Plus who can forget the wonderful moment she wore trousers for the first time?

Jessica has gone on to be a celebrated actress outside of Downton. Her next role is that of Betty, a young and romantic girl in the movie This Beautiful Fantastic and we're hoping it's both of those things. Watch the trailer below to see more:

Set to be released later this year, it looks like the most painfully British and whimsical movie to come out this year and exactly what we need to see with a lack of Downton on our screens. Oh Sybil, you're always so good to us.

The remainder of the cast have projects in the pipeline, but nothing is fully confirmed yet. I hope this list of what to look forward to next will cure your Downton blues. If you fall into relapse simply hunker down, grab a blanket and pop the DVDs in and remember; tis better to have loved and lost Downton to never have had Downton at all.

Does your heart still yearn for Downton Abbey?


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