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I cannot wait for Vampire Academy. It looks totally, awesomely fangtastic. Daniel Waters, who wrote Heathers and Sex and Death 101 is responsible for the screenplay and for this reason, even if I hadn't read the books, I'd go and see it. I mean, fans of the book should be jumping for joy that they've got somebody with a talent for combining really gritty subject matter with grade-A entertainment.

From the Vampire Academy material we've seen so far, we've also been shown lots of clips that you can pinpoint back to specific scenes from the book. And I'm really loving the cast as we get to see more and more of them living through the characters (looking at you, Danila!).

If you haven't seen it yet, check out the trailer:

Great, right?

Not everyone's totally happy with the way they're handling the source material, though. While it's not exactly a comedy, it's easy to detect the lighter tone that they're going for which offsets some of the drama we've already seen. And people around the interwebz - people who have read the books - don't seem to like that.

I don't want the book that I love with an amazing and meaningful story to be turned into a full-blown comedy. But do people really want another young adult supernatural-themed movie that takes itself super seriously? And some parts of the trailers look like they're doing that. But others look like they're actually getting it right. So, I don't know about you guys, but I'll see the movie and hope that it only sucks in the vampire kinda way.

Fans of Vampire Academy, I want your thoughts! Do you want this flick to be a fun, Harry Potter-meets-Twilight teen flick? Or is Vampire Academy something more than that?

Vampire Academy arrives in theaters on February 7, 2014.

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