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(WARNING: This post contains spoilers for Bates Motel. Make sure you're all caught up before reading.)

After five years, Bates Motel is finally coming to an end — the final season premieres on February 20th. This will surely be an emotional moment for us, the fans. We've followed the characters for four amazing seasons and it's always hard to say goodbye. So, what will happen in this final season? Let's take a look and what we should expect!

The Aftermath Of Norma's Death

'Bates Motel' [Credit: A&E Networks / NBC Universal TV]
'Bates Motel' [Credit: A&E Networks / NBC Universal TV]

The penultimate episode of Season 4 ended with Norma's death after Norman attempted suicide, but Romero arrived too late to save them both. The final episode of the season was the emotional response to Norma's death, with Romero promising Norman he will make him pay for that and being arrested by the DEA for perjury after he lied about not being close friend with Rebecca. The episode ended with Norman having his usual visions of Norma in the house like if everything was fine and perfect again.

However, Dylan and Emma still have no idea Norma is dead, let alone Caleb, Norma's brother. So, one of the things the beginning of the season will have to do is deal with their response to Norma's death. How will they find out? Will it be Norman who will tell them? Or, will it be Romero who contacts them and lead them to go back to White Pine Bay? Well, it could be both. Norman's psycho half still believes "Mother" is alive, but the real Norman has acknowledged Norma is dead, so when he is his normal self he knows the truth — and could tell them the truth.

However, Romero announces the terrible news to Dylan, it could take an interesting turn, as Romero does know Norman is responsible for Norma's death and could try to get Dylan on his side. I think it will be exciting to see how things go!

The big question with Norma's death is: Will Romero be able to take his revenge on Norman and stop him? The problem is that Romero has been arrested by the DEA and is headed to prison, thus making it difficult for him to find any proof to send Norman to jail or even kill him. However, as the trailer suggests, at one point in the season, Romero will be out of prison — you can spot him in some public toilet with a gun and not wearing any prisoner outfit.

Then, there's the question of whether Romero will survive? In the original movie Psycho, it was said that Norman murdered his mother and her lover, but in Season 4, only Norma died, so could this mean Romero will die in Season 5? I feel like he could survive because Bates Motel will collide with the events of Psycho.

'Bates Motel' Collides With 'Psycho'

'Bates Motel' [Credit: A&E Networks / NBC Universal TV]
'Bates Motel' [Credit: A&E Networks / NBC Universal TV]

This was revealed at the time Season 4 ended when the showrunners explained that Bates Motel will tell its own version of the original in its final season. Rihanna plays a part in all of this, as she has been cast as Marion Crane, the woman who gets killed by Norman in the film. Her first look in the series was revealed yesterday by Entertainment Weekly.

It will be exciting to see how they tell their version of Psycho especially that iconic shower scene. How does it end? Will Norman be stopped? In the trailer, we see that they are finding bodies that Norman killed and he is being questioned, so this is different than the original movie where they only know about him having killed his mother and her lover. The show may take a different road and the police may finally realize he was behind all those murders. Having the series collide with the events of the original movie is actually a great idea to conclude the series and it will give a fresh look to the story told in the movie.

Mother Norman

'Bates Motel' [Credit: A&E Networks / NBC Universal TV]
'Bates Motel' [Credit: A&E Networks / NBC Universal TV]

One of the things we will see a lot this season is Norman being his psycho self, imagining "Mother" is still alive and disguising himself as her. Despite Norma being dead, Vera Farmiga still has an important role in the final season. This will be creepy and scary and that's exactly what we want from Norman.

From the posters and we can see how crazy it will be, with Norman keeping the body of his mother in the basement, on a chair just like in the original movie. No doubt Freddie Highmore and Vera Farmiga will both deliver outstanding performances in these scenes and it will be a must-see.

A Happy Ending For Dylan And Emma?

'Bates Motel' [Credit: A&E Networks / NBC Universal TV]
'Bates Motel' [Credit: A&E Networks / NBC Universal TV]

Dylan and Emma left White Pine Bay for a happy life elsewhere, with no more problems in Season 4. However, Dylan has never really been able to walk away from his problems and has always come back to his family, and that's what will happen once again in Season 5.

However, this does not mean Dylan will necessarily die, and if someone deserves to be happy it's Dylan. He has suffered enough with the Bates and has had a difficult life. He did his best to help Norman but it was above him. Dylan is good, he has a big heart and because of that, it could also cause his demise and lead Norman to kill him.

'Bates Motel' [Credit: A&E Networks / NBC Universal TV]
'Bates Motel' [Credit: A&E Networks / NBC Universal TV]

So, now what? Get prepared to say goodbye and maybe plan a little marathon of the four previous seasons in preparation to this final one.

What do you think will happen in the final season of Bates Motel? Let me know with a comment below.


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