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If you've made it this far, then your probably awaiting some new Jurassic Park 4 news. Well, here's what we know so far:

  • Colin Trevorro is directing
  • It will indeed be shot in 3D
  • Kathleen Kennedy bowed out from producing due to the new Star Wars
  • Steven Spielberg is still attached as producer

But that's not why we're here, is it? While we await breaking news on the movies, there are still questions that we should be thinking about. Questions of plot? Who will return? Will there be a newcomer to the series?

Here are the big questions:

1) What might the potential plot be?

If you remember the last shot of Jurassic Park 3, the Pteranodon group escape from their cages and fly away into the distance. I think this will most likely mean the dinosaurs become free and repopulate the world. I think the film will be about the beginning of dinosaur repopulation naturally, rather than the mistake the humans made in the first film.

2) Who will return in the film?

As I said before, with the dinosaurs repopulating, the film might take place years after the third film. So Sam Neil might be able to make a return. As for John Hammond and Jeff Golblum's character, there must be a specific plot line for them to have a reason to return. With original cast members, Sam Neil is the only logical character to return, but no confirmation has been made to support Neil's involvement.

3) Will a park even be featured in the story?

Think about this, if my prediction about the story is somewhat correct, and the dinosaurs do repopulate, this means that the story could involve humans trying to kill off and survive from the dinosaurs. However, if a park is to be featured, the only way I could see this working is if the scientists could rebuild the fallen park in an extreme sense. Make the park so foolproof that they could be assured the dinosaurs will not escape. Though, this time instead of making it an attraction yet again, they might actually use it as a slaughter house and kill them off to make sure that the reproducing stops.

4) Will Jurassic Park 4 be a start of a new trilogy?

If they do end up trying to kill all of the dinosaurs in the movie, the characters will most likely fail. I say that because when this happens, the reproduction of dinosaur eggs will spread and soon enough the human species will be outnumbered. If this is true then a trilogy is possible, as in the sequels will be about the extinction of humans. This could become somewhat of a revenge story.

5) Should this film be shot in IMAX?

With the success of Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Trilogy that was filmed and presented in the IMAX format, there's no doubt that Universal Studios is discussing about how to make the Jurassic Park _viewing experience better. With _Jurassic Park being re-released in 3D and IMAX 3D, there is no doubt that this is not just a special re-release. This also can be a test as to see audiences' reactions to the classic film in 3D and IMAX 3D. Basically to see if the audiences will except this format for the new adventure. With 3D put aside, IMAX would be an amazing experience for Jurassic Park 4. Especially if the film is to be shot with IMAX cameras. Steven Spielberg has commented his involvement in testing IMAX cameras for it's possible use on his film Robopocalypse. If he decides to go with it, then as the producer he most likely will recommend it. But there is no doubt that this film will be converted to the IMAX experience never the less.

So, there's some things to think about. What do you think? What might you add?


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