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With the news that Stranger Things actor will be sticking on some red body paint and a pair of prosthetic horns, many are rightly skeptical about whether the 42-year-old can replace as . Perlman famously played the part to a tee in both of 's Hellboy films, and him not reprising his role will likely be one of the most divisive parts of the revival.

Fear not, Hellboy haters, we now have a first look at what Harbour could look like in Neil Marshall's R-rated reboot and it is safe to say it looks to be faithful to both 's original series and the Perlman tenure.

Hell(boy) Yeah!

The casting has been largely met with optimism, but for those still "Harbouring" a grudge, asked what Chief Jim Hoppert could look like as the new Hellboy. It is of course acclaimed artist BossLogic who has brought us the image, and complete with Hellboy's muscles, a gold chain, and those lopped off horns, it is a look that is sure to appease Perlman patrons. The image teases a possible look for Harbour as the demonic Anung un Rama when Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen hits cinemas for a rumored 2018 release.

Starting from scratch means that you basically do whatever you want with the character, but with Perlman's portrayal of the cigar-chomping spawn of demons being a dead-ringer for Mignola's early drawings, there is only so much that we can do differently. It will take some serious imagination to lose the image of Perlman's square jaw in the titular role, but concept art goes some way in fixing that.

BossLogic has become synonymous with hypothetical and actual castings, drawing everyone from Brad Pitt as Cable to Josh Gad as Batman's Penguin. If you weren't already excited for more Hellboy, now is the time to start!

While we are a little gutted that we won't be getting a "third" Hellboy, or the once-proposed spin-off, at least the new adventures are in the hands of some pretty impressive creators. Marshall's credentials include Game of Thrones and The Descent, and the script will be handled by Mignola himself. Some nine years after we left Hellboy languishing in development hell, it looks like we are once again opening up the gates to the underworld and dragging the story back into the latest era of R-rated hype.

Check out Perlman in action in the original Hellboy trailer and don't forget our poll below!


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