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Sophie Jones

and are, as we know, back together, but forgiveness comes at a price. When Kristen broke her Twilight Saga co-star's heart by cheating on him with Snow White And The Huntsman director , we thought the story was over. Then, Pattinson did the unexpected; he took Kristen back, but under a variety of conditions. Hollywood Life listed them as following:

  • Therapy. and lots of it

A given. Kristen will have to continue going to her personal therapist as well as attend (and pay for) couples' therapy for the pair of them. That's the cost of cheating, KStew.

  • Back off

Apparently the On the Road actress was overbearingly jealous and clingy when the two were together. Letting Rob have his space and trusting him (the irony) is the only way they will heal this rift.

  • Spill the details

Rob wants Kristen to take a lie-detector test, presumably about her relationship with . KStew denies that she slept with the director, but we understand Rob doesn't know whether or not to believe her. Apparently Kristen is seriously considering the prospect.

  • Change her friends

As an extra gesture, Kristen also offered to stop hanging around with other guys and not join in with her go-getting girl friends as they may all be a bad influence. She sounds pretty serious. No word on whether RPatz will demand this though.

Kristen seems dedicated to getting back into Rob's good book. So what do you think: do we forgive her yet or is Rob still better off riding into the sunset alone?


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