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Next year, the Alien franchise makes its return to the silver screen, as continuing from the events of 2012’s is none other than . Covenant features a new crew that travels to the far reaches of space, only to discover that something vile is waiting for them. The film will be hitting theaters next summer and there will no doubt be mysteries that surround this sci-fi film, such as how Prometheus connects with 1979’s .

That question may take some time to answer, but one thing that moviegoers can expect to see is a new kind of alien. The aliens (or Xenomorphs) have terrorized the world of film for years, and fans would no doubt expect to see these iconic monsters return in Covenant. However, according to new information, the Xenomorphs are not going to be ones that grace the silver screen in 2017. In an interview with Michael Fassbender, the actor states the movie will reveal a new kind of alien known as Neomorphs.

So what are Neomoprhs? According to information about the movie, is seems that they are quite different from their predecessors. Neomorphs are said to be white, have small dorsal spikes and are a bit transparent. Unlike the Xenomorphs, these aliens come from spores trees that, when inhaled, will produce a Neomorph that comes out of the victim’s back. While this information is not confirmed, it does seem likely that the film will feature creatures such as this, as it does fit into the concept started in Prometheus as well as the mythos of the Alien series.

Now, the question is what do the Neomorphs bring to the table? For years, the Xenomorphs have defined the Alien series, so saying that the Neomorphs have their work cut out for them may be an understatement. In the case of Covenant, it may be a make-or-break situation for the film’s monsters. On one hand, the Neomorphs present a new concept for the franchise and, if used correctly, could be just as menacing as the Xenomorphs. However, the film will have to balance out the new nature of the Neomorphs and keep true to the concepts behind the Alien series. Otherwise, these new movie monsters could be ineffective as they could either be too different or even too similar to the famed cinematic Xenomorphs.

Suffice it to say that this new development for Alien: Covenant is an intriguing one, as the inclusion of the Neomorphs certainly breaks away from the Alien franchise’s tradition. Although details on this film remain a mystery, the introduction of this new breed of aliens does suggest that the movie is trying to bring a new element to the sci-fi franchise. Whether or not this direction will be effective is just as mysterious as Covenant’s plot. Hopefully, the Neomorphs will not only be frightening antagonists for the film, but bring a new kind of monster to the Alien universe.

Alien: Covenant hits theaters on August 4, 2017.

How many of the iconic lines from the original Alien movie do you remember?

What do you think they will do with the newly teased Neomorphs?


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