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(WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Dragon Ball Super Episodes 90–93. You've been warned.)

Well some major news has dropped for fans this weekend. Spoilers for Episodes 90-93 have been released over in Japan and the most interesting of them has been the news that Frieza will be taking Majin Buu's place on Universe 7's team, fighting alongside Goku and Vegeta in the Tournament of Power.

Here's a little news brief from well known Dragon Ball YouTuber Geekdom101:

In order for Frieza to join, another member must fall off the roster. It seems this will come from everyone's favorite lazy, pink blob Majin Buu. This is disappointing news considering the show was hyping Buu up to be stronger than before, even giving him a sleeker design.

This Buu seemed to be much more powerful and was more than likely to be the third most powerful member on Universe 7 (depending on how much stronger Gohan becomes). With Buu essentially in hibernation for two months, it's getting old to not see Buu receive any fighting time for silly reasons. That said, Frieza is a pretty solid consolation prize.

With Frieza set to join the team, it makes me wonder just how much more improved the team will be with him on it. It would've helped more if he were replacing a weaker member of the team like Master Roshi, Tien or Krillin, since Majin Buu would be one of the more powerful fighters in the Tournament. However, Frieza is on a different level than any member not named Goku or Vegeta.

How Powerful Is He?

'Dagon Ball Z' [Credit: Funimation]
'Dagon Ball Z' [Credit: Funimation]

I do not care about power levels in Dragon Ball Super. There's no way to scale them anymore and Akira Toriyama is going to make characters however strong he needs to be able to further the plot.

During the Resurrection F saga it could be argued that Frieza was actually stronger then both Goku and Vegeta but lacked stamina to keep up with the two Saiyans. His Golden Form is essentially on par with god level, which will be a tremendous power increase for the team.

If he can control his stamina in golden form then he could end up being the true trump card for the entire tournament — maybe if they found a way to give him time to train before the tournament and get even stronger. After all, his massive power increase from being resurrected to fighting Goku and Vegeta was from only four months of training.

Can He Be Trusted?

More then likely there will be some sort of incentive for Frieza to participate in the Tournament, which will mean he'll cooperate for the time being. Does that mean that he won't have his own motives in mind once the tournament starts? While almost all of Goku's former villains have gone on to become allies, Frieza is unlikely to follow suit. Frieza seems so enraged with Goku defeating him and too impure to ever even dream of being a decent member of society.

We saw in the Tournament with Universe 6 that his alternate universe counterpart, Frost, was even up to his own games. He lied about his true origins and began cheating with a poison needle to try and win. After his defeat, he was caught trying to steal the prize money. These could end up being the same problems Universe 7 has with Frieza.

Will He Kill The Teamwork?

One of the major focal points of this arc has been how much teamwork will play a role in victory. Gohan has made it his mission to make sure all members of Universe 7 will work together when needed. With 80 competitors all fighting at once, members are going to have to help each other out. This doesn't seem to be a strong point of Frieza's. Can you imagine Vegeta and Frieza having to work together?

Frieza is a selfish being who doesn't seem to believe in fighting with others or for any cause, on top of the fact that he doesn't enjoy the company of any member of Universe 7. In the magazine containing spoilers for Episode 93, we read that everyone is against Goku attempting to recruit Frieza.


'Dragon Ball Super' [Credit: Funimation]
'Dragon Ball Super' [Credit: Funimation]

With Frieza joining the team, this gives Universe 7 another god-level fighter and a heavy upper hand in strength compared to what we know so far about the other Universes' fighters. It seems that the Pride Troopers are the only legitimate competition so far. It's the intangible factors that could decide the Tournament's outcome.

Frieza is not fighting to benefit the Universe, he is doing it purely for himself. Unless there is an incredible bargaining chip on the table for him to stay on his best behavior I can't see him going through this without some ulterior motive. If he is against any form of teamwork in the Tournament it's going to hurt the team overall.

This is a major wild card thrown into the story. Frieza could be the major power upgrade well worth it to the fighters, but I think we all know this is very unlikely to be the case. His incredible power might end up not being worth losing the trust that came along with Majin Buu.

Final Thoughts

All in all, this is an incredible addition to what is already setting up to be one of the best stories and will make for great entertainment for fans. Seeing Frieza interacting with all the Universe 7 fighters and his alternate universe counterpart, Frost, will be amazing to watch. I cannot wait to see the chemistry, or lack thereof, between Frieza, Goku and Vegeta fighting on the same team all at the same time.

Who knows, maybe this opens up the possibility for Cell to also be reborn and join the team, but maybe that's wishful thinking.

Are you excited to see Frieza's epic return? Tell me what you think in the comments.


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