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From time to time, we all come across some weird combinations: bacon and maple syrup, Nicholas Cage and acting, fish fingers and custard.

Every so often, a new combination appears that seems too crazy to be good. But somehow, just somehow, it just works. And that's clearly what happened when YouTuber Anastasia Vasilieva put together this beautiful, wacky, incredible video.

The video mixes the legendary 'Goodbye Moonmen' song from the hit Adult Swim cartoon Rick and Morty, with the trippy hallucination scene from Doctor Strange.

This is quite fitting, as the song was originally used during a very similar sort of scene from , in which Morty is thrown into a strange, colorful, hallucinogenic dream by his new friend, "Fart" (to those who haven't watched the show, I promise it makes sense).

Here is the mashup:

Hopefully you managed to get through the entire 2 minutes without slipping into a hypnotized daydream yourself, and if so, you'll have seen how incredibly well the song fits this scene from .

For comparison, here's the original clip of "Goodbye Moonmen", sung by Flight of the Concord's Jemaine Clement (who you may remember as the big shiny crab, "Tamatoa", from Disney's hit animated film Moana).

Now, whenever I watch Doctor Strange, it'll be seriously difficult to watch that scene without singing the lyrics to "Goodbye Moonmen". But, is that really a bad thing?

Now all we need is for someone to mix "Get Schwifty" into some other Marvel movie and we might as well confirm that Rick & Morty is part of the MCU.

Credit: Giphy
Credit: Giphy

What did you think of the Rick and Morty and Doctor Strange combo? Let us know in the comments below!

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