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We have waited some two and a half decades for a third season of Twin Peaks and the resolution of cliffhangers, and stories of log ladies and Laura Palmer. The biggest question is, "what happened to Cooper?" For those who remember, the fate of 's Special Agent Dale Cooper was left confined to the history pages.

Cooper was left trapped in the mysterious Black Lodge, while Sheryl Lee's Laura Palmer promised that she would see him again in 25 years. As we pick up with Showtime's revival series, it looks like Palmer sure made good on her promise.

Headache-inducing floor tiles, strange backwards talking, and those lush red drapes; 25 years in the Black Lodge is something pulled straight from the nightmares of director 's mind himself. So, with us picking up where Lynch left off, what really happened to Agent Cooper?

Warning: Spoilers ahead for Twin Peaks Season 3

Flown The Coop

Despite Cooper's evil doppelgänger heading out in the world to presumably replace the "Good Cooper," it was shocking to hear that Dale hadn't been heard of for the past 24 years. Speaking of which, our hero of the piece really has been stuck in the Lodge this entire time. Trapped with the One-Armed Man, an aging Sheryl Lee, and a seemingly ageless Ray Wise as Leland Palmer, Cooper seems to have been stuck in a never ending loop of "Is it past, or is it future?"

"Bad Cooper" is out on the lam and has adopted Michael Madsen's Kill Bill wardrobe, becoming some South Dakota crime lord to enact a nefarious scheme. Back in the worst holiday cabin on Earth, the freaky tree with a brain, known as the Arm, asks Good Cooper:

"Do you remember your doppelgänger? He must come back in before you can go out."

Unfortunately, it now seems that both Coopers are caught up to date, while our long-haired foe has no plans of going back inside the nightmarish Lodge. Clearly, we were moving toward a finite date, with Evil Cooper revealing:

"Tomorrow, I'm supposed to be pulled back into what they call the Black Lodge. But I've got a plan for that one."

Three's A Crowd

Warning: Even bigger spoilers ahead for Episode 3 & 4

Showtime released the third and fourth episodes on demand, in which the Cooper saga becomes even more complicated. Episode 3 introduces a third lookalike, Dougie, the doomed real-estate developer in a mustard suit. Effectively MacLachlan in a wig, Dougie Jones was dragged into the lodge when making whoopee with a prostitute. Here, it is presumed that Dougie was Evil Cooper's plan to stop himself being lured back. As the One-Armed Man said to a delusional Dougie:

“Someone manufactured you for a purpose but I think now that’s been fulfilled."

With Dougie in (and turned into a small pearl), Good Cooper is finally free to leave the Black Lodge and take on Leland's side-mission to find Laura. However, with Naomi Watts playing Dougie's wife, will Cooper be heading back to alone? Also, given that Laura Palmer is very much dead and wrapped in plastic, expect her mystery to once again become the focal point of the revival.

Like Face/Off, but with both men having the same face, will the rest of the season be a battle of the Coopers, as good and bad clash? With two brain trees, three Coopers, and a storyline that is more complex than an episode of Lost, it won't just be the floor tiles giving us a headache over Lynch's 18-episode saga about the not so sleepy mountain town.

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