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Ever since The Walking Dead went on its mid-season break fans of the series have wanted to know the answer to one question above all others: what happened to Baby Judith?

There has been speculation from all sides, and while there is still no definitive answer, creator of the series, , has just dropped a pretty big clue.

Kirkman, in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, was asked how soon the fate of Baby Judith would be revealed. He said:

"It will be resolved with absolute certainty but it’s an unknown that’s out there. Revealing when it will be resolved would be somewhat of a spoiler. There will be answers, but I don’t know if they’re going to come necessarily soon."

You have to read between the lines a bit, but doesn't the fact that we will learn what happened one way or the other give a pretty big clue that she's not dead? In other words, if she was dead, wouldn't finding the bloody baby seat be enough of a reveal? AMC has gone pretty far with this series, but even they probably wouldn't show a horde of zombies feasting on baby flesh?

What do you think? Does this mean that Baby Judith is still alive, and if so, who is looking after her? Write below the line with all your thoughts.

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