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Every movie and TV show has its following, but few have managed to hit as hard as Firefly. Joss Whedon's brilliant mixture of science-fiction and western genres made for one of the greatest television shows ever to air. Unfortunately the show was cancelled after a single season, causing fans to beg for more. Whedon obliged with a cinematic sequel called Serenity, but even that couldn't tie up all loose ends. There were still more stories to tell.

Luckily for us Browncoats, Joss partnered up with Dark Horse and his brother Zack Whedon to bring us more Firefly tales with a series of graphic novels. Through these, the characters were able to live on (some of them anyways) and have new adventures. Some of those adventures sure brought some major changes for the crew of Serenity.

The Crew Became Millionaires

Living like kings.
Living like kings.

The crew of Serenity were up to their usual criminal antics as they captured and delivered a killer robot to a guy that hired them. Unfortunately, that guy didn't have money to pay them, so he told them about a cash stash hidden in a temple. The crew pulled off a heist mission and they found a stash of millions.

They all shared their fantasies of extreme wealth, with Jayne wanting to be a captain of his own ship and Kaylee wanting to open up her own mechanics shop. The crew found a nice place to settle down and enjoy a spa and drinks, and that's when the trouble started.

An Alliance operative abducted Mal, thinking that he was part of a Browncoat terrorist group called the "Dust Devils." The target that the operative was really looking for was Zoe, and she attempted to make a deal for Mal's life. While they were making the deal, a third assailant appeared and attacked them all. The Operative teamed up with Mal and Zoe to survive, and when the battle was over the crew found out that the third assailant stole all of the money board the ship, making them broke once more.

Agent Dobson Returned

The crew has no shortage of enemies.
The crew has no shortage of enemies.

As many of you remember, Lawrence Dobson was a passenger who sought passage aboard Serenity in the pilot episode of the show. Later in the episode, he reveaed himself to be an agent working for the Alliance, and he attempted to apprehend Simon Tam. His mission failed when Mal shot him in the head and tossed him off the ship.

Luckily for Dobson, the bullet passed through his eye and left him alive. He was tracked down by the menacing Hands of Blue that you might remember from "Ariel." Dobson , with a new high-tech ocular implant, agreed to team up with the Hands of Blue in order to defeat Mal once and for all.

The three villains ambushed Serenity's crew as they were carrying out a job for Badger. Dobson took on Mal, Zoe, and Jayne while the Hands of Blue snuck on-board Serenity to try and kidnap River. Dobson didn't stand a chance, and Mal shot his other eye out before shooting him once more for good measure. The Hands of Blue were also defeated, which made the Alliance to turn to their Plan B: sending in the Operative.

After Mal and the Serenity crew left victorious, Mal finally dropsped off Inara, after she decided to leave at the end of "Heart of Gold." To make things worse, Shepherd Book decided to leave as well. And for those who have watched Serenity, we all know what happened to Book.

Zoe Had A Baby

A baby leaf on the wind.
A baby leaf on the wind.

After the events of Serenity when Inara was back aboard the ship and Wash joined Shepherd Book in the afterlife, we learn that Zoe was pregnant before the events of the movie. When the baby was born, Zoe named it Emma. The celebrations were cut short when Simon told Mal that Zoe had complications during childbirth, and they are forced to take her to a hospital to keep her alive.

The Alliance stormed the hospital, forcing the crew to leave the wounded Zoe alone. Zoe got sent to a prison camp, where she survived through strength. Luckily, Mal and the crew showed up to save her, and Zoe finally got to spend quality time with her baby daughter.

Serenity Welcomed New Friends And Old Enemies

Does that seem right to you?
Does that seem right to you?

While Zoe was dealing with a prison camp, Jane was away on leave. He went to see his mother, but was met by a band of Independence loyalists led by a feisty young woman named Bea, who demanded to meet Mal. Unfortunately, Jayne and Bea weren't the only ones heading towards Serenity.

Jubal Early, who you might remember as the bounty hunter from the finale of Firefly, tracked down the ship to have his revenge. Early succeeded in ambushing the crew and tying them all up, but he forgot about one crew member: Kaylee. She surprised him and took him down before freeing the rest of the crew. Instead of leaving him in space, they dropped Jubal in the water before flying away.

River Is Not Alone

River remembers everything.
River remembers everything.

Remember how brutal River was when she slaughtered the Reavers at the end of Serenity? Well, as it turns out, she wasn't the only one experimented on. She had dreams about other girls that went through similar trials, and she told the rest of the crew that they have to rescue them. They agreed but they couldn't do it alone, so Mal enlisted the help of the Operative that tried to kill him at the end of Serenity.

They broke into a facility and found another girl that was trained as an assassin much like River was, and with the help of River and the Operative, they managed to defeat and capture her. Simon helped the new assassin remember her past, and she calmed down and introduced herself as Iris. Iris was then added as a crew member, and Serenity was stocked once again.

Firefly being cancelled hit all of us sci-fi fans pretty hard, but the story of Serenity and her crew are not over yet. Their stories live on through ink and paper, as well as the brilliant minds of the Whedon boys.

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