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Note: This article contains spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 7.

Ever since Season 1, Game of Thrones has given us glimpses of the White Walkers and with "The Dragon and the Wolf", the show finally brought them across the Wall and into Westeros. While most theories suggested that they'd either walk across the Wall or break its curse to pass through, the Night King showed that he didn't have time for such shenanigans by simply decimating the Wall with Viserion's fiery, icy breath.

Considering the large-scale damage done during the attack on Eastwatch, the Night King killed a lot of Crows and even put Tormund and Beric's life at risk. However, as Gendry was nowhere to be seen throughout the episode, could the Night King have claimed the fan-favorite character's life off-screen?

Where Did We Last See Gendry?

'Game of Thrones' [Credit: HBO]
'Game of Thrones' [Credit: HBO]

Fans were anticipating Gendry's return since Season 3, and were certainly excited to see him four seasons later with a new haircut and a badass war hammer. He met up with Jon Snow to join him on his expedition north of the Wall, where Jon and his men were left outnumbered by White Walkers.

Anticipating their imminent entrapment, Jon ordered Gendry to run back to Eastwatch and send a raven to Daenerys, informing her about their condition and asking for her help. Gendry eventually obeyed his orders and braved the harsh conditions of the North to reach Eastwatch.

Despite collapsing in front of the gates of the Wall, Gendry managed to relay Jon's message to Ser Davos - thus playing a pivotal part in the survival of Jon Snow and his companions.

Was Gendry A Victim Of The Night King's Attack?

Although the concept of time and distance in the Seven Kingdoms is a little hazy at the moment, we can assume from the absence of daylight during Gendry's arrival at Eastwatch that he must have travelled an enormous distance, with the freezing temperatures of the North taking a toll on his health. This was evident when he dropped to his knees at the Wall's gates, and begs the question as to whether Gendry was at Eastwatch when the Wall fell.

Because Gendry wasn't spotted at King's Landing or beside Tormund and Beric at the top of the Wall, it's plausible that he was inside Castle Eastwatch when the Night King brought the Wall down. So, unless Gendry used his running skills to escape the destruction of Eastwatch, his off-screen death could be a disappointing revelation for fans.

However, as Gendry has an important role in the future of Westeros, his absence might just be a result of the show's inability to address his whereabouts due to Season 7's frenetic pacing. As Jon had to unite with Daenerys's entourage before sailing for King's Landing, there's a possibility that Gendry was transported to Dragonstone for proper treatment. Similarly, Gendry could've also been escorted to Winterfell, opening the door for a long-awaited reunion with Arya Stark.

As things stand, Gendry's fate is uncertain and we'll have to worry about the Baratheon bastard for another year. However, the odds are certainly against him. Game of Thrones has provided off-screen deaths to two Baratheons (Stannis and Robert) already, and "The Dragon and the Wolf" might've carried on the tradition by doing the same to Gendry.

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