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Unable to rest on its laurels after the success of Wonder Woman, the DCEU has tangled itself into a great big mess once again. The recent announcement of the Martin Scorcese-produced standalone Joker film, and apparent exclusion of The Batman from the sent the internet into a tailspin. This situation was made even worse by the subsequent backtracking of The Batman news, meaning that Matt Reeves' movie is really part of DC's Extended Universe after all. Suffice it to say, DC has really confused fans with the state of its films, particularly those that are standalone. In all the chaos though, we've managed to forget about the first DC standalone film to be greenlit: Booster Gold.

Who Is 'Booster Gold'?

He's the best hero you've never heard of. [Credit: DC Comics]
He's the best hero you've never heard of. [Credit: DC Comics]

For those of you who may not be familiar with the character, Booster Gold is a moniker adopted by Michael Jon Carter. Born in Gotham City in the 25th Century, Carter was a gifted athlete who was supporting himself on a football scholarship. Michael's father was a gambler for most of his life and only reappeared in his son's life to use Micheal's star quarterback status as a means of advancing his gambling career, making him lose games. Disgraced, Michael was expelled from Gotham University and became a night watchman at the Metropolis Space Museum where —enamored with the superheroes of the 20th Century — he managed to steal devices from the museum display that allowed him to travel back in time and become a superhero. And thus began the journey of one of 's coolest (and most overlooked) characters.

Unlike other , Booster is arrogant, egotistical and cocky. Carter's goal isn't simply to save people's lives but also to acquire the fame and fortune that comes with being a superhero, something that has often put him at odds with the rest of the DC heroes. Nonetheless the character's cheery spirit and good nature has made him a fan favorite. It's no surprise thus, that DC has been planning a live action movie about him.

Booster Gold: The Movie?

[Credit: DC Comics]
[Credit: DC Comics]

Back in 2016, during an interview with Vulture, Greg Berlanti announced his involvement in the DCEU movie. Berlanti is a man who has proverbially risen from the ashes (after his unsuccessful 2011 Green Lantern) and has had a big stake in DC earning a whooping billion dollars in revenue from TV alone. He's also set the record for the most number of TV series set to air in the 2017-18 period and has a hand in some of the most exciting upcoming projects.

In September, the Arrowverse exec confirmed that an upcoming film was currently in the works, with Booster Gold set to inhabit his own universe rather than be a part of DCEU.

“As of right now we have no connective tissue to those worlds, It’d be a separate thing."

The film stemmed from a TV series, which Berlanti had originally planned alongside Andrew Kreisberg for the SyFy network. The writer for the film's script is Zack Stentz (of Thor and X-Men: First Class fame) whose critical and commercial acclaim bodes well for Booster Gold being true to the hero's comic origin. Stentz has previously worked with Berlanti on The Flash, executive producing and penning one of the best episodes of the series, "The Runaway Dinosaur". The book character's son, Rip Hunter, is also one of the key characters in Berlanti's . So, one can say that the team behind Booster Gold is already a solid one.

Since the announcement of the project by Berlanti, we haven't heard anything from either Stentz or Berlanti — and Warner Bros. hasn't officially put the project on its slate of upcoming films. Why is that, you ask?

Well, it could be that DC (very wisely) decided to start building up the DCEU — with films like Batman v Superman and Justice League — before releasing DC movies don't have a link with that universe, so as to not confuse the viewers. (Although that seems to have gone out the window with the Joker standalone film.) Another possible reason could be Berlanti's involvement with various upcoming high profile TV series, including DC's first ever web series, Titans.

What Could The Film Be About?

As of now, fans have little idea of what the movie will be about. Back in September of last year the writer tweeted these two posts on his Twitter page:

Although it's possible that Warner have quietly scrapped the movie, Stentz's Twitter bio describes himself as the screenwriter for Booster Gold, so one can deduce that the film is still in pre-production.

Producer and possible director Berlanti has also earned fans' devotion with his endearing, true-to-the-roots portrayal of characters like the Flash, Supergirl and even Superman — with many fans preferring his version to that of the DCEU's. The Arrowverse's sunny comicbook-y multiverse has assured fans that the tone of Booster Gold will likely be very light.

Whatever the plot is, it would certainly involve Gold's internal crisis, as in the comics he's always seen trying to be a better version of himself. There's also the possibility of another popular superhero ending up on the screen beside him: Blue Beetle.

[Credit: DC Comics]
[Credit: DC Comics]

has often been teased on Arrow, and at one point there were even plans to introduce him to the show though it was revealed by the EPs that "DC has other plans for him." and Booster Gold have a very strong friendship in the comic books and their hysterical adventures could work great onscreen, if DC takes the movie in the direction of the buddy-cop genre. Gold's humor is surprisingly witty, and with his dramatic, self-centered persona, the character could easily become DC's funniest hero on screen.

Sadly, just like Booster's life in the comics, people have somehow always found it easy to overlook the hero in real life. Still, with this exciting, original concept, full of great comedy and time travel in play, the future is decidedly golden for DC. Now, it just needs to go ahead and give Booster Gold the spotlight he deserves.

What do you think folks? Do we need a Booster Gold movie?

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